UK fashion costs more than in Europe and America

When you are out shopping do you ever take the time to check what the cost of the item of clothing is in other countries? Some fashion labels have prices in GBP, Euro and Dollars all on the same tag. Zara and H&M are just two of the brands that overcharge British customers but Ralph Lauren and Forever 21 is also guilty of doing the same.

Zara are the worst with some items being overcharged to British customers by up to 45% more than in Spain and Portugal. It would seem that UK customers are mugs and a source of easy profit as many women do not question the price difference when they see the label.

It’s a well known fact that the U.S have always charged half of what they charge UK customers with most top of the range designers simply switching the currency sign, for example a haute couture coat retailing $398 in America compared to £380 in the UK a price difference of £140.

If only it was as easy as abandoning fashion made abroad and buying British made fashion here instead. Years ago many textile factories were forced to shut as cheap labour abroad was sought instead. Nowadays if you check clothing labels properly you will find that China, Malaysia and India are the leaders in cheap labour provided for our clothing.

Even other high street names such as Marks and Spencer’s and Next outsource their factories and orders to India and China. There are not many high street clothing or even designer clothing that is UK made. The only way to overcome this unfair increase on fashion is to buy online from the source or overseas. Most people have started to do this anyway with many opting to buy designer fashion from the U.S as in most cases it’s up to 50% cheaper, even with overseas delivery charges you will still save more than buying in the UK

As for buying goods in the EU it is no longer value for money as the pound is pretty much the same as the euro but if are lucky enough to get a good exchange rate, then in this struggling climate you may well save on fashion clothing bought in Europe.

Don’t hold your breath though as I went on a recent trip to Europe visiting 7 different countries and the pound and euro was the same so there wasn’t much point in buying anything as I wouldn’t have saved anything. Shop online as it’s much more competitive!


Primark fashion losing sales

Up until now Primark have been making huge profits from cheap clothing overtaking most high street retail shops. Menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and houseware had become extremely popular as it was so cheap to keep up with the latest fashion trends. There were times when Primark used to be buzzing and queues went all round the shop.

There are two theories as to why the fast fashion chain have seen a decline in customers, the first being that cheap labour is no longer as cheap as it once was with China putting up their prices. Also the price of oil is also going up where a lot of these factories rely on this as their source of fuel for machinery.

The other theory is that people have just lost interest in fast junk fashion and despite the recession are investing on key items that will last for years to come. Women no longer have the means to shop on a regular basis and have started to shop only when they need to which is usually 4 times a year. During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter is when we really need to pay attention and you can usually save money by shopping during the end of season sale by stocking up for next year.

I understand that not everyone has the money to shop for clothes 4 times a year but by buying only what you need when you need it you can save money on the long run. Yes a t-shirt from Primark may only cost £3 but after a few washes there are holes in it or it has lost its shape. The same thing can be said for other garments, they are simple cuts that are designed to be low cost so they don’t fit you in all the right places, did you also notice that the most of the bras and tops in Primark are adjustable by plastic do they end up breaking most of the time.


Solutions for revealing clothes

Gone are the days of having to wear a strappy vest under a low cut dress or top. Most people have even tried putting a safety pin to close the gap that some tops have but in time this can cause damage such as holes to the middle. Some people have even resorted to sewing up the gap or taking in the shoulders to make the top or dress shorter but this can affect the shape and fall of the dress/top.

You no longer need to avoid buying clothes that are low cut or revealing anymore as there are plenty of solutions that women inventors have been able to come up with.

Modesty panels are small fabric cuttings that have small clips attached to them so they clip on to your existing bra strap. They come in many different colours and have been proven to be very popular with both men and women. Men find it a comfort than their wives or partners no longer bear too much flesh since this clever solution hit the market.

The bosom button is also a great solution to tops that cross over in the middle but reveal too much flesh. The bosom button is like a pin but with a decorative head such as a gem, great for low plunging necklines that have a large gape and for v neck tops that are too wide. It’s also a good item to have for other uses such as accessorising clothes with a decorative pin, like a sarong, shawl, top or even jean pockets.

Bandeau bras are also a popular and cheap solution as they give you good support and double up as outerwear too. This works well if you have a backless top too as buying a colourful bandeau bra can make the top more exciting and less slutty by also providing support at the same time.

So as you can see there is no longer a reason for women to not be able to buy the clothes they like revealing or not. There is always a solution to clothes that are slightly more revealing than others and the solution is not sewing it up or modifying it in any way. So before you think twice about buying a top or dress just buy it and find a solution to the problem later as you can guarantee that there is a solution to all problematic clothes.


Designer goods on eBay

For years eBay has been a very popular auction site but they also sell new items that have never been used before for a much reduced price. You can buy pretty much anything off eBay as cars; holidays and even houses can be bought online. The good thing about eBay is that there are many people who set up small businesses that sell items of interest online; it saves them money by not having a shop front so savings are passed onto the customer. There are some traders who sell of unwanted items that are still in high demand such as out of season handbags and shoes, to designer clothes that are no longer needed.

There seems to be an increase in customers who come from wealthy areas on England that are turning to eBay to keep up with the current trends. If you cannot afford to buy the latest designer handbag a replica can be purchased for a fraction of the price but with so many good fakes who will really know the truth.

Years ago many women wouldn’t think twice about paying full price for a £200 dress but since the recession many have been forced to look good on a lemonade budget instead of a champagne lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong in shopping on eBay to buy some designer gear as most of it is a rip off anyway. Shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories are constantly in and out of season that being up to date with the latest trend can be exhausting and financially restricting.

Buying designer goods on eBay

There are many companies that are selling off unwanted stock are reduced rates, they are the real thing but just selling at sale prices. The outlet on eBay was introduced in April 2010 and has proven to be very successful, brand names such as Karen Millen and Bench are among two of the popular brands. Karen Millen dresses can retail for £150 can be found for as little as half the price in the outlet section.

If you are worried about purchasing expensive items such as sunglasses and handbags then make sure you check the sellers score rating and comments to see if they are trustworthy and genuine products. If you use paypal to purchase items through eBay then you will be safe if anything was to happen with your product as eBay would refund you your money should you end up in a dispute with a seller.


Poundland new Chit Chat makeup range

Poundland have just announced a new range of makeup called Chit Chat that is now available in all their stores at a recession busting £1. This includes foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and even lip gloss. As we all know, a good foundation ranges from £12 – £35 so to buy a foundation costing a meagre £1 seems too good to be true, so how does Poundland compare against other high street brands.

Poundland Chit Chat makeup range review

We all love a bargain and even those that have the money to splash out £120 a month on makeup will secretly revel in the fact that the average women spends £9000 on makeup throughout their lifetime so by slashing it even by a few hundred pounds, you could buy a designer handbag with the money that you can save.

Foundation –  as we all know finding the perfect match for a foundation is very difficult, not only have you got to find the correct colour match but also one that will go with your skin. If you have dry, oily or acne prone skin, you really need to find one that doesn’t make skin problems worse. Finding a good match for yourself with the Chit Chat foundation range is very hard so you may need to buy two colours and try mixing together. The coverage is also not very good as it goes on like a tinted moisturiser and you may have to re-apply a few times.

Eyeliner – as we know cheap eyeliner tends to smudge and leave you with panda eyes, fortunately for Poundlands Chit Chat range the eyeliner was better than some others in the budget range, so it has scored highly.

Mascara – women can spend as much as £24 for mascara and if it does its job and makes eyelashes appear fuller and longer, then who will complain about its hefty price tag? Mascaras that are in the budget range tend to clump and not give the spaced eyelash effect but the spider eyelash look which can be very embarrassing. Poundlands Chit Chat mascara was just like that and nothing spectacular.

Face bronzing pearls – with a good product you should get a shimmering look that blends in well giving that sun kissed look. Poundlands Chit Chat bronzing pearls had too much orange pigment that made the skin look too orange just like a fake tan accident.

Overall the foundation was too pale even when mixing two colours together, went on too lightly and made the skin looked washed out rather than radiant. The mascara was mediocre and the face bronzing pearls made skin look too orange. The only thing that was just as good as other top of the range makeup was the eyeliner that went on and stayed in place all day without smudging. Due to the small price of £6 for a full face of makeup, I would be careful if you have skin problems as the chemicals used and the pigments added may cause skin problems or aggravate skin.

Valentine’s Day lingerie – What men want!

With only a few days left for valentines, it’s not too late to buy some sexy lingerie to surprise your partner or just to make you feel sexy.

What do men like?

  • Underwear that not only passes as day wear but can transform the evening into passion without the passion killer of having to change. This is a great option if you are going for a lovely romantic evening and will want to spend some quality time afterwards.
  • See through lingerie is a great turn on and if you can carry it off you will need to be confident as well. See though lingerie can be classy if worn the right way but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination so don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t stay on too long.
  • Big pants like Bridget Jones are preferred by over 80% of men preferring this to thongs and g-strings. Bigger pants can also be sexy such as by silk or lace and girly and frilly designs; if you have a big bottom this will accentuate it more making men more excited.
  • Baby dolls are also a favourite with men teamed up with stockings and gloves; your partner will get very excited indeed. Try adding some class by buying good quality lace and silk you don’t want to look tacky.
  • Wearing bright and sexy underwear that can be shown is a turn on too, for example a strappy top that gives a glimpse of what is being worn underneath. But showing pants and visible panty lines are still a no.
  • Valentine’s Day or not men still prefer red to any other colour, purple and pink is a close second. So if you want to get your partners heart racing, red is the way to go.
  • Polka dots are in this year, lace style baby dolls with polka dots spell out fun and raunchy for men. So if you want to be different this is the way to do it.
  • Sometimes by trying too hard you may have the opposite effect. Simple lingerie can also have the same impact and get heart’s pumping.

Remember you can also buy coordinating underwear for your partner and do a little role play. Men should make as much effort as women do on Valentine’s Day to keep it spicy and fresh. If you have run out of time, then by going last minute you will make savings as the stores will reduce their prices. Do some lingerie shopping after Valentine’s Day as well and you can buy reduced priced lingerie that still as sexy and can be saved for another time.

Cut in VAT, are we really saving any money?

With Gordon Brown announcing a 2.5% cut in VAT bringing it down to 15% from 17.5% are we actually saving any money? The answer is not really, if you’re buying large items or expensive items then there may well be a saving to be made. Don’t be fooled by the many emails from retailers that say there are huge savings to be made; you won’t actually be saving a significant amount of money. Buy only what you need and don’t let high streets and the big companies make a fool out of you.

Online shopping

As we are going into the recession full swing should we really be tightening our purse strings? Apart from things we really need essential to life like food should you hold out on buying fashionable clothes?

The online shopping industry is booming in comparison to the high street. With temperatures also plummeting this is also another reason many people are choosing to stay indoors. From the comfort of your own home you can purchase anything you want at the click of a button, you can even use comparison websites to get an even better deal.

Many retailers are enticing customers with good offers such as 10%, 20% and up to 70% off branded goods. With so many great offers it’s not hard to see why we are so easily swayed. Most retailers are also doing free delivery or when spending the minimum delivery is free.

A year ago I signed up to a few websites that notify you when there will be a sale so you can be one of the first ones in. Since joining I have bought some pretty good bargains. Anything from clothes, shoes, handbags and even some home accessories. You can even sign up to high street shops via their website and they’ll notify you when there’ll be a sale and with most of them you even purchase clothes online. As the market stands now, if you see something you like I’d advise you wait a few weeks, I can guarantee the price will come down.

Online shopping safety tips

When purchasing from an online store you’ll find that their products are relatively cheaper from products bought in store, this is because they don’t have any overheads thus passing on savings to the consumer.

If you do decide to purchase things online remember to look for the security padlock in the bottom right corner of the screen, this tells you it is a secured connection for payment.

If you are purchasing anything over £100 I would advise you use a credit card as it provides better security if anything should go wrong.

Try to shop at recommended online websites via family, friends or colleagues and check that it looks professional with no grammatical errors as you find a lot of amateurs don’t seem to be able to spell properly. 



How does high street fashion compare to designer?

When out shopping, what attracts you? Is it the latest trends on the fashion runway or the price tag attached to it? New trends that are showcased at fashion shows are copied from designers by the high street. As soon as there is a hot new dress in the designer world, it’s available on the high street for a fraction of the price.


Although there is much competition, high street supermarkets like Asda, Sainsbury and even Tesco have their own label for clothes cashing in on what many people call throwaway fashion.


When shopping, it never ceases to amaze me how people will get excited over a sale. There’s a reason for this – it’s because they need to make room for the new season of trends. Fashion is constantly changing and what might be fashionable today may not be tomorrow.


Over the years, I have found that buying designer fashion rather than high street fashion looks and feels much better. It lasts much longer and you can guarantee to turn heads while coming into work. Saying that, there are some things that I wouldn’t buy because it’s not much different to what you get in a good high street shop; you just pay for the label in the designer version.

What about faking it?

Should you buy fake designer clothes and handbags and pass them off as real? Well let me tell you that the clothes won’t last very long and after a few washes, the fabric will start to lose its colour, shape and the same applies to the fake designer logo.

There are some really good fakes out there but if you look closely you can tell what’s real or not.


I recently went shopping for a special occasion and I noticed that every shop on the high street were copying each other’s trends which at the moment are prom dresses. They are strapless and most need a petticoat underneath. It really annoyed me that they all looked the same and I couldn’t understand why people who purchase these dresses would want to look like everyone else. My friend pointed out a dress and when I touched it, it felt like it was made from really cheap cotton-like material and it was just hideous. Looking at the price tag, I just had to laugh. It cost £50 for a dress that would have been ruined on the first wash.

So I went online to some exclusive designers and found for £90 to £200, you could buy a dress that was of high quality and would guarantee that when I did go for a night out, nobody else would be wearing the same dress. When buying clothes, I also like to know where they were made. Most clothes are made in India because labour is cheap there and because of this, I know that half the clothes sold in the shops should really be half the price.

Primark is now referred to as throwaway fashion because many students buy an outfit there, wear it once to go clubbing and throw it away. You can get a top for £3, a mini skirt for £5 and some sandals between £7-£12 .So for a maximum of £20, you can get yourself a whole new outfit for a fraction of the price but is it worth it?