Herbs you can easily grow at home

Growing herbs at home is such an easy task and so enjoyable too. It permits you to do some gardening and save some money also. There are some herbs you can easily grow, and that allows you to have fresh herbs anytime and it is the best way to have tastier food because herbs are used to boost the aroma and taste of foods.

People having a small plot of land can start by growing their own herbs, it is a joy of its own to have your own home garden, growing herbs you can use anytime, so when you go the market and realise that they are out of your favourite dish enhancer, you can avoid all the frustration, because you already have that in your own garden! Growing herbs at home does not mean you need a really large space, just a small plot, you are actually growing herbs for your own use, not for sale! Even people with no garden or who live in apartments can grow herbs, you can easily do that in pots, inside or outside your kitchen!

Herbs like rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil, sage and so on can be easily grown! Sometimes it is best to soak the herbs before planting them, so that they are not dried up and don’t die as soon as you plant them. But you can grow many herbs from seeds also. If you are planting your herbs in pots, make sure you put them in a place where there is a lot of sunshine and that they receive plenty of water because herbs grown in pots should be watered more often and herbs like rosemary and basil need more sunshine. However, herbs like parsley and lemon balm need a little bit of shade. Don’t forget that herbs grow best in alkaline based and aerated soil.

In villages famers grow herbs in mass on large acres of land, this is sometimes their only income! The herbs you get at your daily grocery is not all the time fresh, it takes some time for the herbs to travel from the farmers to the consumers and most of the time these herbs are not organic, that is they have not been grown naturally, chemicals and herbicides have been used for their growth. And thus it is advisable to avoid using them if you can, so if you grow your own herbs at home you are sure it is best for your health! Gardening is so much fun, you wouldn’t know until you have tried, and growing something that can help you in your daily life is something you must definitely go for!