Avon poor delivery service

For years I have been a loyal customer to Avon, some products that they offer are cheaper and better than other brands. They also continuously come up with new ideas and products that appeal to everyone. Whether you are a teenager, middle aged or older you will surely find products to suit both your skin type and budget.

The one thing I don’t like about Avon is no matter how much you spend you still need to pay delivery, most places nowadays offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount but Avon doesn’t no matter how much you spend. Free delivery is always an incentive for buying but with Avon their standard delivery charge is £3.50 no matter how much you spend. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but if you only need a few items and it comes up to a mere £20 then adding £3.50 to that doesn’t really seem worth it.

Avon free delivery
Of course you can always contact your local representative and have them deliver it for you free of charge but I find that they are not always reliable and delivery can take weeks in some cases. Also I have had problems with free gifts that are also supposed to come with certain products, they are not always guaranteed through your local Avon representative. Ordering online is easier and also stock is guaranteed.

Avon poor delivery service

On the last few occasions that I have ordered Avon products I have found that the box that it all arrives in is damaged completely, not a squashed box but ripped open. When I called them and complained they said that there was nothing they can do! The call centre is in India so beware, then customer service said to check the box and if anything was missing they would replace it free of charge. I had ordered £200 worth of Avon products, I was very tempted to call and say half of the items were missing but then I was afraid that Karma would come and bite me in the bum so I didn’t. Looking back if I had the time I would have tried my luck but I am very disappointed in Avon for not taking action.

Also Avon does not let you order more than £200 worth of goods at a time if you go over you need to call customer service. I know it seems like a lot of money but I order for my mum and other family members so we don’t all have to pay the delivery charge, plus I am A-List member and get many products cheaper than those who are not. One of the Avon moisturisers that my mum uses is £25 so buying a day cream plus a night cream already costs £50 it’s very easy to spend £100 without realising especially when you are tempted with so many offers.

Flu jab 2010 swine flu

Like every year all people who are deemed at risk from contracting the seasonal flu will be offered the seasonal flu jab. If you work for the NHS or are front line based staff who deal a lot with the public then you may also be offered the flu jab free of charge. Usually a few weeks before the sessions start a letter will be sent from your GP asking you to contact them to make an appointment to come in.

Who needs the flu jab?
Usually over 65’s and pregnant women are offered the flu jab first as they are seen as more of a priority but people suffering from other conditions are also entitled for the flu jab free of charge. These include those who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, liver, kidney, heart, diabetes or any other conditions that lead to lowered immunity. If you have not been contacted by your GP it may be wise to call them yourself to see why you had been missed out on the recall.

Seasonal influence or flu as it is most commonly referred to kills thousands of people every year, although young children and older adults are more prone to suffering the most everyone should take precautions to avoid and contain it. The flu can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis which left untreated will be fatal. If you suspect flu do not leave the house or go to work where it will spread, call your GP for advice over the phone and as a friend or family member to pick up medications for you. It is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or juice, remember to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’. The nationwide advertisements to stop the spread of flu, sneeze in a tissue, throw it away and then wash your hands to stop the virus spreading.

Flu jab 2010
This year when I received my invitation (24 year old asthma sufferer) it had a leaflet explaining changes made to this year’s flu programme. It informed me of the dangers and then clearly stated that this year’s flu jab also included protection against the H1N1 strain or swine flu as it is most commonly known. As soon as I saw this I refused straight away, I couldn’t believe it. The flu jab is supposed to protect you from both the flu and swine flu, but this is not true you can still catch it at any time.

I contacted the Department of Health (DoH) to ask them directly of this year’s programme and wanted to know if I could get vaccinated against the seasonal flu privately. They replied back saying that this year it was a combined vaccination and no separate vaccines were available! I am extremely disappointed that we do not have a choice, I would have been happy to pay the £15 for it to be administered privately.

The reason I am against the combined vaccination is it hasn’t been tested properly, if you go on the NHS website you can clearly see the comments and problems people have been left with as a result of the combined vaccination. Other health forums are also seeing a rise in complaints from people who have suffered adverse reactions as a result of the flu jab. If you truly want to have then do some independent research and don’t rely on the government websites as they are biased. If people do not get the flu jab then they have yet again wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money unnecessarily.

The truth about Gel Nails

After having gel nails put on a few months ago as a trial run I was fairly pleased with the results but still preferred to have my nails done using actual nail polish rather than the gels. I know it seems to cost more to have to keep going back every fortnight to get a fresh new manicure but it works out pretty much the same as have gel nails done once a month (depends where you live).

After having my gel nails on for a week I didn’t really enjoy then anymore and had them removed, my nails were buffed slightly and conditioned with cuticle oil and so on. One of the reasons I had them removed was because they split near the smile line. Now it has been a few months since I had them taken off and I really hate having them. They did not preserve my nails they made it worse! My nails are no longer strong and healthy, as soon as they start to grow they snap! I was so proud of my long healthy nails but bio sculpture gel nails have ruined them.

I do not advise gel nails as I strongly believe that they made my nails weaker. I have been forced to take a supplement to aid nail growth but because they are far too weak the supplements are having no effect on them. It is widely reported that gel nails preserve your nails by allowing them to breathe and grow and after removal nails should be just like they used to be but this is not the case. After my nails were ‘soaked’ there was still a lot of gel residue left on that only buffing could remove so I did so only slightly. It cost nearly £50 to have the gel nails put on and then soaked off after only two weeks due to splitting!

I will stick to my fortnightly manicures and stay away from gel nails; I would only advise them if you had no choice such as a wedding or very special occasion. I may have been one of the unlucky few but they didn’t look that great either especially for the money that I paid!

Gel nail review – The Retreat

As I have a holiday coming up I wanted to get my nails done beforehand to see if they were any good, I chose to have Bio-sculpture gel nails at The Retreat in Gosling Sports centre, Welwyn Garden City. As I am already a member in the gym I walk past the salon everyday and occasionally check to see if they have any offers. My nails had grown quite long so I thought this would be a good time to try it before deciding if I should get them done for my holidays next month.

My nails were shaped and buffed lightly, my cuticles were ‘filed’ off and a clear coat of gel was applied. Then two coats of white gel were applied to my tips but no pink or peach was applied to give it that natural ‘French’ look.

The technician was nice but as my nails have grown a lot since I had them done two weeks ago I can notice the faults. The smile lines are straight rather than curved and it looks really dull. When I got home my nails were so sharp that I kept cutting myself so u had to file them again. I have also noticed that my nail has cracked near the smile line! I am almost positive that it wasn’t there before I had my nails done as I do them every few days so it must’ve appeared afterwards.

I won’t be able to have gel nails on holiday as they will be too short and I really wanted French tips. I now have to pay £12 to have them removed and then cut my nails really short so they can grow back again. I really wouldn’t advise going to The Retreat as they do not have good lighting and no ventilation. So if you are pregnant and want to have your nails done its not advisable if you cannot have proper ventilation, there are no windows or an extractor.

As my nails grow fast it was not ideal for me as you can see the nail bed outgrowing the gel area after just a week. I will stick to my own manicures as I can change them as often as I want if I get bored without having to pay a total of £43 in two weeks to have the gel put on and then taken off again.

I would have preferred to have the pink gel also applied and the white tips a little whiter as they look washed out after a week.

Bio sculpture gel nail review

Since I have finally kicked the habit of biting my nails I quite enjoy having my nails done on a regular basis. I have been a nail biter since I was a child my mum has never had the chance to trim my nails in her whole life and numerous attempts to stop have all failed. Just recently I decided to stop but my nails became soft and brittle. They would chip and split at every chance they get but after months of treatment my nails were healthy and no longer prone to chipping or splitting. I was happy with my weekly French manicures with the occasional nail art but I wanted to make my manicures last longer than a week so I did some research on how to prolong my nail colour without nail extensions or acrylic.

What is bio sculpture nails?
It’s basically a gel that is applied on the natural nail that allows the nails to breathe and grow without damaging them. As it had taken me so long to get my nails in good shape I was very tempted to try this to see if it was worth it. It’s a nice way to preserve the strength, colour and encourage nail growth especially if you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, graduation or party. You can guarantee that they will last for at least two weeks as a minimum, it depends on your nail growth speed and how well you look after them.

When I went to get mine done the nail technician buffed my nails slightly and shaped them, they were cleaned and my cuticles were also worked on. A clear gel was applied that then had to be cured under a UV light to make the gel harden and dry. Afterwards a white gel was added to my tips for a French manicure, the nail technician said that they didn’t put pink in between the smile line and nail bed as it would quickly fade. Two coats of white were added to my tips as one coat is barely noticeable. The whole process took a little over an hour.

After my nails didn’t really look like they had been done as my ‘at home French manicure’ looked better than the salon one. I paid £31 for it to be done and found it quite expensive, they seem fine but I just wanted to know how long they will really last and if they really prevent any damage to my nails. I am sceptical so I will have to wait and see but I recommend everyone trying them at least once as not everyone’s expectations are the same, out of ten I would give it a 7/10.

Alli diet pill – Review

After all the hype over Alli the diet pill I was very surprised that two of my closest friends were taking it in a last attempt to lose weight before going on holiday. The excitement over Alli has now died down but there are still some people out there who are undecided and still have lots of questions to ask. As I have spent a lot of time with my two friends I have decided to write a review of Alli diet pill to help people make an informed decision.

Who can buy Alli?
Alli has been around for some time but was only available on a prescription up until about a year ago, you can now purchase in most pharmacies including Boots. You must have a BMI of over 28 for a licensed pharmacy to sell Alli to you. My friends are not by any means fat one is a size 12 and the other a dress size 10/12. I was very shocked to hear that they were taking Alli but also curious as to how they got hold of it. The answer was the internet! One of my friends purchased Alli over the internet as they are not so regulated but this isn’t advisable. She first went to Boots but when they saw it was for her they laughed, her BMI must’ve been no more than 23 so she was refused.

Does Alli weight loss pill work?
Alli does cut the amount of fat that is absorbed in the body by blocking it out through taking the pill. If you eat healthily and avoid fatty foods as well as some light exercise this did help my friends lose weight. Within 5 months my friend who was a size 12 was wearing size 8 clothes! She had to buy new clothes and looked scarily unhealthy and gaunt. My other friend didn’t look much different, so I think she must’ve been abusing the diet pill by still munching on the bad things she should’ve been avoiding.

The side effects of Alli weight loss pill
You can read about the side effects on Alli’s website but seeing it firsthand I had to tell you from my point of view. You take Alli 3 times a day with each meal, after taking the pill you will need to go to the toilet between 10 – 30 minutes afterwards. With a really bad stomach you’d expect to do a poo but what actually comes out is oil, yes oil! It’s really disgusting and hard to remove from the toilet bowl. If you have to go to work then expect to need the toilet a lot. With Alli you never know when you need to go and one of my friends didn’t make it to the toilet once. One of friends felt really sick taking Alli but preserved because she was stubborn, it paid off in the end but after seeing what my friends went through I’ll stick to going to the gym.

Alli should only be used if you are obese, taking Alli when you are already a reasonable size is silly when you should just go to the gym and eat sensibly. If you can live with the oil leaks, flatulence and unexpected use of the toilet then go for it but remember it will also put strain on a relationship and you won’t feel like having a sexual relationship.

Prenatal vitamins and supplements

My best friend and I were talking the other day about taking prenatal vitamins, as she wants to start a family straight after marrying her long term partner we were discussing how she should get ready for starting a family. The first thing to do is to take a prenatal supplement to aid you to get the best nutrients and vitamins you need for your body to support a growing baby. With so many prenatal vitamins to choose from where do you start?

Choosing a prenatal vitamin?
The first thing you should do is visit your doctor because if you have a family history of certain medical conditions you may be able to get medicines on a prescription that is not available over the counter. This is also helpful if you have had a miscarriage as you will need a higher dose of folic acid that is essential for the development of the baby’s’ spinal cord and brain development. If none of this applies to you, you will have the hard task of picking a prenatal supplement. There are too many to choose from, some more expensive than others and some that are own brand from your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Should you go for a cheap vitamin or a more expensive vitamin?
There is no right or wrong answer as even the cheapest tablets have had to pass thorough testing to be allowed on the market. What is important is to decide what is best for you and baby. Make sure that the antenatal supplement you are buying contains the following:  folic acid, iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, vitamin K, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Biotin and Copper. There are more that can be part of your antenatal supplement but the above are the most commonly found in antenatal supplements. You should take one a day with your main meal and on a full stomach. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

As most of these vitamins are found in the food we eat anyway the supplement is take ‘just in case’ you’re not getting your daily average for a women that is pregnant or trying to conceive. Your GP will advise you to start taking supplements 3 months before trying to conceive, this is advisable as your body will be in tip top shape when you do conceive. The first 3 months are the most important as the baby is developing organs and neural tube so to prevent any defects or disabilities antenatal supplements are advised.

Organic Beauty Products

More and more people are ditching the intoxicated beauty products manufactured from chemicals which can be harmful in the long run to products which are made from naturally occurring materials. Not only are these products better for the environment but for your health as well. Below are a list  of organic beauty products that you can purchase:

Lipsticks – that are made entirely from plant extracts and natural colouring

Shampoos and conditioners – that have natural ingredients such as vanilla and tea extracts

Face cream – with no perfume added and no chemicals

Make up – using natural colouring

Hair care – without the use of animal derived ingredients

Body wash – without overpowering fragrances

Body lotions – that contain little or no chemicals that lead to skin irritation

Perfumes – that are made entirely from natural resources

As there are so many companies competing for our custom, I would recommend asking friends and family what they use. If you are really eager to buy from a truly organic resource, then buy from a company that has always sold organic products. These organic companies will have a fairer price than others that have only just turned to organic selling produce and do it more for the money than for the benefits. If you also worried about using new products for the first time, I would advise buying a small gift set as they have everything to get you started but at the fraction of the cost. If the product is not suited to your skin type, then you wouldn’t have lost a terrible amount of money.

Organic beauty vs non-organic beauty products

As we know non-organic beauty products have a lot of chemicals and preservatives to make them last longer. They will also have a fragrance added and sometimes animal parts as well and on top of that, they are tested on animals. A lot of major cosmetics such as Body Shop do state that they do not test on animals but there are many other companies which offer cheaper products that are still tested on animals to bring costs down. The same goes for the use of animal parts in beauty products, it’s a well known fact that whale is used in lipsticks and animal bones in toothpastes.

Organic products use no animal matter in their cosmetics; they only use natural products from plants and synthetics. Due to lack of chemical and preservatives in organic products, you have clearer and less agitated skin. Organic beauty products also have a natural smell and sometimes smell bad; this is because no fragrances are added to these cosmetics and they are totally natural.

Where to buy organic beauty products?

Many high streets now stock an organic range so it’s worth having a look when out shopping and the same can be said for the local supermarket. You can do a little research on the Internet and find a good branded organics company with many satisfied customers. If you want to save rather than spend, then pop into your local holistic store, library or look online for natural homemade recipes for organic beauty products. Most home made products require little to buy as you probably already have the basics in the kitchen cupboard.

DIY nail art at home

For as long as I can remember I have been a serial nail biter, only now after 20 odd years have I had the self control to let my nails grow. At first like all nail biters will know I had very weak nails, after growing just a little they would split and I would have to start all over again. After a year of pampering my nails were finally strong and healthy enough to start having manicures and nail art. As my work was very hands on I found that my nails wouldn’t last very long they would chip, split or the nail varnish would be gone after just a few days. I even tried to wear gloves to make my nails last longer but it still didn’t work. After a year of paying nail technicians to do my nails I decided to try and do them myself.

Do your own French tips effortlessly
We all like classic simple designs such as French tips, going to a salon can cost anything up £50 just for a little bit of nail polish. After perfecting my own technique I would like to share the easiest way to get French tips or smile lines as some people also call them.
Have to hand a small glass, like a shot glass
Fill it up with some nail polish remover
Have a good quality paintbrush to hand
Line the surface with some kitchen towels
Try and paint across the nail as neatly as you can
Then dip the paintbrush into the nail polish remover and remove excess nail polish

This is the simplest way to have neat and simple French tips, after a while you may also find that you no longer need a paintbrush to neaten the smile line.

Nail art flowers at home
Doing your own flowers on your nails is easy; there are a few ways of doing so each of them unique in their own way.
Method 1:
Place 5 dots of nail polish in a circle
From the centre of the dot use a toothpick to drag to the middle
Let it dry then add a diamante or nail polish dot in the middle
This method creates the illusion of petals

Method 2:
Place 5 dots of nail polish in a circle and leave to dry
You can add a diamante or nail polish dot in the middle to finish off

Experiment with your own designs, remember to buy fast dry nail polish or nail oil so that nails dry in a few minutes. If you were to let nails dry naturally it could take anywhere up to 3 hours.

Academy hair and beauty review – Welwyn Garden City

Coming up to my sisters’ 21st birthday party I decided it was time for a new haircut to update my style and since I hadn’t been for one since November. I’ve had a bob for a few months now and back in November I had a full fringe. I decided to let it grow and have a side fringe with my layers trimmed and my length the same. I also have a grand wedding to attend in April so growing my hair is the better option to cutting it short again.

Finding Academy hair and beauty
I last had my haircut at Try angles just across the road from Academy and found that they looked busier and friendly. The next time I was in town I popped in to Academy and made a hair appointment, whilst I waited for the reception staff who was answering a call I noticed they also do nails, facials and hair extensions. As I like to be able to do everything in one place this was very convenient for me to know. If I wanted the nail technician could come and do my nails as I had my haircut, talk about VIP service.

Academy haircut
I booked my appointment with a senior stylist called Rachael, she was a lovely woman who greeted me and then took me to have my hair washed. As I was still growing out my fringe she couldn’t really give me the side fringe I wanted. Instead I got a slightly slanted side fringe trim that in a few weeks will be really noticeable. The haircut itself was very professional and a very pleasant experience and as Rachael has been there for 21 years I was very confident from the start that she would do a really good job. Academy hair and beauty is now the third salon I have tried in Welwyn Garden City and I can say that I will be making it my regular.

While my hair was being blow dried I noticed a catalogue on hair extensions I decided to have a free consultation to get an idea of price. I was lucky enough to be seen straight after my hair was styled, I was shown hair colour samples and lengths. The most common hair extension length is 40cm as 50cm is unadvisable to the weight. I wasn’t very impressed by the hair samples and the cost for me was £700 with about 5 hours of work to add them into my existing hair. If the hair was of better quality I would probably have gone for it but luckily enough for me my hair grows really quick.

I would thoroughly recommend Academy hair and beauty as all the staff from reception to stylist was very friendly, professional and competent. I have had the best haircut in a long time and would like to share my experience with everyone. For a cut and blow dry with a senior stylist it cost me £46.50 which was money well spent!