Increasing the security of your car through pay as you drive schemes

In South Africa, pay as you drive insurance is fast gaining grounds. It is becoming quite a common coverage for vehicle users as it reflects a fairer means of insurance to pay for each month with cost effectiveness not being its sole advantage.

Your car has a lot of chances of being stolen or being involved in a crash, so having as much security features as possible for your car is very beneficial to you. With pay per mile car insurance, you obtain additional security features in that there is the installation of a tracking device to your car when you agree to the policy; this will help the insurance agents to bill you according to the number of distance that you cover. This is also a great means for the agency to keep track of the distance that is being covered per month as well as adds to your security and that of the agency.

The tracking device is placed in an area of your car that is way impossible for any thief to locate and disable and if it happens that your car is stolen, it can be easily tracked down. This means that you will benefit from a lower insurance premium as the company can be assured that if the car is stolen, it will be retrieved. While this will definitely lower your risk profile, there are still some other risks that can be associated to a stolen vehicle. Thieves may damage the car when it is stolen, or take goods found in your car or remove parts off the vehicle; for this reason it is advised to install an immobilizer and a gear lock to reduce burglary risks. You may find that insuring your sound system or other goods in your car as a good idea.

There is still a small fee that you have to pay for in terms of burglary risks associated with your car so that the insurance agency will be covered if your car is stolen and they have to retrieve it. You also have to remember that sometimes the car cannot be located or it can be damaged beyond repair.
It can thus be seen that pay as you drive adds a lot of security features to your car. If you happen to be interested in pay as you drive insurance, you will see that agents of the South African insurance companies are very friendly and helpful and will help you in clearing out any ideas that are not clear to you regarding the insurance policy.

Reducing your pay as you drive insurance premiums

It is clear that no one wants to pay a lot for car insurance per month and this is the reason as to why more and more people are now going for pay as you drive insurance. It is a fairer means of coverage as you pay for the distance that you are covering each month rather than pay a whole constant sum per month. The rate of the pay as you go car insurance is based on your risk profile though you also have to pay for a fixed amount each month to cover you up against theft, damage or fire damage. It is this risk profile that you have to lower so as not to pay a lot of premium per month.

The risk profile is based on some factors, the most important ones being your age, gender, address, your vehicle and the security features associated with the car. Obviously your gender cannot be changed and so if you are a male then you will definitely pay more than a female as males are seen to be less careful drivers as compared to females. There are certain ways that you can reduce your insurance premium be you a male or a female. Also, you cannot change your age but you can come up with a clean driving record to lower your premiums. If you are a young driver, try to find out if taking advance driving lessons can be a means to lower your premiums.

Where you live is also an important aspect of the risk profile and because you do not want to fake these details, the installation of a security device can lower your premiums. The first thing to do is to make sure that your vehicle remains locked at night and to install a security device if possible such as an immobilizer, alarm or gear lock. When you sign up for pay as you drive insurance, the insurance company adds a tracking device to your car to monitor the distance that you cover per month and to bill you as such; the device also helps in tracking the car should it be stolen which thus reduces your monthly premium as stolen vehicles can be tracked down by the insurance company.

You can very easily get pay as you drive insurance right online but shop around first, checking out some agencies before you decide on the best deal. You will get a good insurance deal with pay as you drive as you will be paying only for the distance that you are covering. You will also be offered some distance to drive for free each month and you start to pay when you go beyond this distance.

One month car insurance

It has become very common for many people to go against the law and drive without vehicle insurance these days. This has been attributed to the increasing price of vehicle insurance as well as the injustice that many drivers feel when they have to pay for an unnecessary yearly policy when they only drive from time to time.

In an attempt to make this situation better and hence reduce the dangers of such illegal driving, many insurance companies now offer temporary or short term policies that is obviously cheaper as compared to the full policies for the period of time that the car will be in use.

A one month car insurance policy is a fair deal for those who drive infrequently, like those who work far away from their homes throughout the year or students who want to use their parents’ cars during school breaks where paying for a full expensive car policy does not make sense if driving is only for a short period of time.

Most insurance companies now offer the alternative of one month insurance policy, which involves coverage for a specific month of the year and not 30 days coverage randomly scattered throughout a year. This is thus ideal for those who drive sporadically and not infrequently.

Many people who have used this type of coverage strongly recommend it as it is very easy to set up, use and renew making it very convenient for those who use their cars from time to time and it is very flexible depending on the particular situation and if extension is needed.

Most companies now allow for online applications for one month policies much to the ease of clients. Still, if you feel the need to discuss about your appropriate needs and need more information, you can always do it over the phone.

Cheap policies can be easily obtained but still many factors like age, length of driving history, accidents, the type of car to be covered will be taken into consideration to determine your eligibility for the insurance and the premium to be paid.

Before going for this type of policy, one should make some research on the subject. Numerous insurance companies’ websites can be viewed online for comparing prices though these are not the only ones that exist.

Car insurance for 17 year old drivers

Age is not in your favor if you are 17 years old and you are looking for a cheap car insurance. Car Insurance companies generally consider teens to be in the high-risk age bracket.  If you are wondering why you have to pay a premium for cheap car insurance, here are the reasons:

  1. It is generally accepted that teenagers are not as careful or as responsible as people in the older age group. Probably they are excited about getting  their first car and they cannot wait to show off to their friends and to impress others with their driving speed.
  2. Accident statistics show that a high percentage of  drivers involved in accident are teenagers. That is why they belong to the high risk group.
  3. Teenagers are more concern about impressing their friends with the look and speed of the car. They will probably modify the car and its specification beyond what is permissible.  These modification can render the car unsafe. What is upmost on their mind is to have a flashy car rather than a safe and secured car.

How then can you ensure a cheap quote when looking for 17 year olds car insurance? There are 5 ways to reduce your cheap car insurance and they are listed below:

  1. Use your Parent’s name – Ask your parent to include your name in their insurance policy. Your parents can get better discounts if they insure more than one car in the same policy. This will be cheaper compared to getting a single policy for yourself.
  2. Security and Safety – Focus on the security and safety aspect of the car. For example, install seatbelt, airbag, anti-locking system to make your car safe. Install early warning system and steer locks to make it safe from theft. The more secured your car, the lower the insurance.
  3. Be trained – Enrolled for driving and safety courses. This is to show that you know how to handle your car well.
  4. Less Mileage – The less you drive, the lower your risk, and hence you pay a lower premium. One way to drive less is car pool. You save on your fuel too.
  5. Keep a Clean Record – Maintain a clean driving record. Don’t get into trouble with the traffic laws such as fines for parking offences or drunk driving.  A clean record gets you a lower premium.

Getting a cheap car insurance for an seventeen year old is not a major obstacle when you follow the five tips to reduce insurance cost.

Cheap cars to insure – The secret behind them

Before you buy a cheap car, take a good look at the insurance. Do it right and you can save some money on your insurance. How much you pay for your car insurance depends on the type of car and the owner but what many people don’t know is that there are quite a few cheap cars to insure which can work in their advantage.

For example, if you have a history of car accidents or you have run afoul of the traffic law before, then your track record will not be in your favour.

Insurance companies weigh in these factors when pricing the car insurance fee:

  1. Model – The model of your car is a factor that the insurance companies consider. The reason is that some popular models are most often stolen than other models. These include Toyota and Honda. The models with cheaper insurance are: Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Fiats, and Renaults.
  2. Repair cost – The higher the repair cost, the higher the insurance fee. High end cars and vintage cars are generally more expensive because of specialised technical skill required to fix the car or that the spare parts are hard to obtain.
  3. History of your car – These factors play a part in the insurance fee: where you live, where you park your car and the and the mileage that you drive per year. If you live in a crime-infested area, chances of losing of your car is high. The more mileage you clock in, the more likely it is to break down due to wear and tear.
  4. Safety features – The safer the car, the lower the insurance fee. A car is deemed to be safe if it is equipped with safety features such as seat belts, airbags and anti-lock braking system.
  5. Resale value of the car – Generally, the more expensive the car, the higher the insurance fee. They also look at the value of the car if it were to be sold to someone else afterwards.
  6. Security features – You can lower the insurance fee by installing an alarm system to protect it against loss from theft.
  7. Characteristics – Insurance companies categories cars into different groups based on the characteristics of the cars . The group that pay the least insurance fee are those that are smaller and easier to drive such as four-door sedans, while high-performance cars belong to the more expensive group.

Before you buy a cheap car, consider the above eight factors which will affect the cost of your car insurance.

Cheap car insurance for 17 year olds

Many teenagers will try to get their driving licence as soon as possible so that they can buy their own car and have their own mode of transport. In the UK, you are allowed to drive at the age of seventeen and although many parents will either buy a car for their children or help them with the finance aspect of it, the problem that most teenagers will face is the fact that car insurance for 17 year old drivers is extortionate and soon becomes a major hurdle and a spirit killer.

Of course once you’ve passed your driving test, you are very keen to start driving on your own but you may only do so legally if you have proper car insurance cover in place. The thought of driving uninsured will cross the mind of many young drivers and there are valid reasons for this. First of all, you’ve just turned 17 and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your first car. So you get a vehicle that’s pretty cheap, say for less than £1500. Now when you start hunting for a decent 17 year old car insurance quote, you find the prices ridiculous expensive especially for that particular car make/model that you’ve purchased and you think to yourself that this can’t be right because it’s a used car after all, not a new one. But when you keep searching, you discover that no insurer is willing to offer you a decent car insurance quote and the cheapest that you’re getting is £4000 which is well over twice the amount of money you’ve paid for your car.

It is then that reality strikes and the hope of driving your own car starts to vanish. No wait, don’t just give up yet. Surely there must be a way to get a 17 year old driver insured at a rather decent premium, no? Well things are tough in the insurance sector and especially with so many people driving without a licence, the insurers have had to increase quotes a lot for all drivers and you being a new driver with no NCD (no claims discount), your chances are already limited.

So what can you do? Put it this way, you’re a young driver, 17 of age, and just like it’s difficult for a job seeker without experience to get a decent job, you will find it hard as well to get a reasonable car insurance quote, no matter what car make/model  you’re trying to insure. The best thing for you to do is build up your driving experience and no claims bonus so that in 1 or 2 years’ time, you pay a fraction of what you’ll be paying now.

Asian wedding insurance

As we know the average wedding costs around £20,000 and increases a little each year, most people require insurance for the actual wedding day that includes the ceremony and after wedding reception party that may also include a sit down meal and drinks. If you come from an Asian background the cost of the wedding can double and be more around £50,000.

Why are Asian weddings so expensive?

Asian weddings tend to cost more because of the vast decorations to the hall, the wedding attire and the volume of guests expected to attend. Asian families are usually very close so everyone from the immediate family to the distant family are invited to celebrate this joyous occasion. Non Asian weddings usually have less than 150 guests but Asian weddings can easily reach 800 guests. On top of food to feed everyone Asian weddings are more traditional and usually last a few days depending on the religion. Some Asian weddings last up to 6 days, including celebrations, ceremonies, mehndi party, the actual wedding, reception and giving away of the bride.

As with all weddings it’s a good idea to take out Asian wedding insurance cover as you can be left seriously out of pocket if anything were to go wrong. Most standard wedding insurance cover will insure you against a vast range of mishaps including:

  • Venue mishaps
  • Food cover
  • Wedding car cover
  • Wedding attire

For Asian weddings it is very important to get a tailored quote as the bride’s outfit may be worth thousands in itself, some policies only cover a set amount for each individual item, such as cake, cars, photographer etc.

Don’t be tempted to buy cheaper standard wedding insurance cover as you will find that it won’t cover all of the wedding especially if it is a traditional Asian one. Some insurers will also insure up to 6 wedding events so that you can have peace of mind that the entire wedding is covered and not just the wedding day itself. For as little as £60 you could be covered for up to £15,000 cancellation cover, a real bargain if anything was to go wrong.

Don’t leave buying wedding insurance until the last minute, Asian wedding insurance can be bought up to 2 years before the wedding is due to take place. This is because Asian weddings take a lot of planning and cannot be organised in such a short period of time. You can also save money by purchasing ahead.

Wedding insurance abroad

As less people choose to get married in the UK each year competition in the wedding market is still high and the average wedding can cost in excess of £20,000. For a fraction of this you can get married abroad in a hot country and combine it with your honeymoon.

When you have a package wedding abroad that also consists of the wedding cake, flowers and reception dinner you should always check that they also have insurance. What happens if the company goes bankrupt or things do not go according to plan? You could always get insurance through the travel agent as they would be most unlikely to dispute any problems as all companies they use are handpicked and chosen because of reliability.

What can ruin a wedding abroad?

  • Cancelled or delayed flights
  • Mix up in accommodation or wedding venue
  • Loss or delayed baggage
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcanoes or earthquake
  • Illness

Wedding cover abroad can be as little as £20 so it’s advised to buy a policy even if the company you are booking with is reliable and says that they do have insurance. Most times problems occur because of the language barrier or lack of specific instruction; so many couples leave all the planning and preparation up to the wedding planners that are to arrange for the big day abroad. Obviously there’s not much you can do unless you are in the country but you should accept that things may not go smoothly on the day.

Photographs and filming of the wedding is a very important souvenir but each country differs in the level of professional photography so what happens if the ‘professional’ pictures that were taken are far from it and are not worth the price you paid? Will you be re-reimbursed or have to pay for it out of pocket, these are all questions that need answering.

Do remember that with most claims you will need to pay an excess and this will depend on how much you voluntarily agreed with when you took out the policy. Things are most likely to go wrong abroad than they are to go wrong in this country as you can keep a closer eye on things here. When you go abroad to get married you have to trust someone else to arrange everything and make sure all is going according to plan.

You can always opt for additional extras such as marquee cover that will give you peace of mind should anything go wrong. It’s worth getting a customised quote if the level of cover is not suitable and you would need more compensation for one item compared to the rest.

Cheap cars to insure

To some people, it might come as a surprise to be quoted £1500 for a car which is worth only £500. However the car insurance industry seems to be getting more expensive every year. Blame it on the recession, the increased number of uninsured drivers or a rise in motor accidents but the fact remains that getting a car insured these days can cost you quite a lot. Therefore before even buying a car, it is worth looking at the cheap cars to insure as this will save you from beating your head against the wall afterwards.

Of course, this approach does not give you much choice in the first place. You could have set your eyes on the latest Audi out there but when you find out that it’s going to cost you several thousands of pounds to get it insured, you’re most likely to change your mind, unless you can afford that amount of money.

It is important to understand that cars which are cheapest to insure are also cars which are cheap to buy. This makes sense because if you buy a car for £3000 and it becomes a total write off after an accident, then the insurer will only have to pay out £3000 to get you a new one while a car costing £15,000 will be more expensive to insure. Things like easy availability of parts play an important role in the whole car insurance quoting process and that is why having a basic understanding of what goes on behind the quoting system is an intelligent way to reverse engineer the process and get you a cheap and decent premium.

Sure there are things like the amount of no claims discount that you own but this seems to be more geared towards people with more driving experience. So young drivers will definitely not benefit from it and are better off making the right choice in the first place. It isn’t a good feeling to have to do something against your own will but if you want a car that’s going to be cheap in terms of insurance purposes, then you’re going to have to swallow your pride and go for what’s going to benefit you financially.

You do not want to drive without insurance and risk getting banned. Believe me, you’ll get caught sooner than you think and regret it for a long time. So do your research well and stick with something that’s going to be economical and you’ll soon find out that it’s going to pay off afterwards. You need to be objective and buy the cheapest car to insure instead of feeding your ego and struggle with the finances of running a car.

Disabled holiday insurance

There is so much help available now to people who want to travel, you can get assistance for those travelling with young children, the elderly and also disabled. There are strict laws that mean travel agencies and airlines cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. So if you or someone you know are in a wheelchair, have prosthetic limbs or need assistance of any kind whilst travelling by law travel agencies and airlines are obliged to assist you.

If you go abroad for a holiday many hotels now have specially adapted rooms for those that need them, more room for wheelchairs and ramps to help with accessibility. You will need to think about travel insurance as having an injury or accident abroad can be costly. Insurance is not only recommended for accident and injury but also for cover on travel money, delays and lost luggage.

As the demand for disabled holiday insurance has increased dramatically over the last five years alone competition is high for customers, as a result of this you should be able to get a reasonable quote for any circumstances whether it’s for a serious ailment or a less problematic condition.

Example of policy coverage for disabled holiday insurance

  • Hire costs covered for mobility and disability equipment
  • Emergency medical cover and other associated expenses covered
  • Replacement of mobility and disability equipment covered
  • Holiday cancellation cover
  • Delayed departure compensation cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Personal accident or death cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Loss of passport cover

Each policy will differ in what they cover but usually you can pick your own cover from a list and also choose level of cover so you won’t be left out of pocket. Most places will also need you to pay an excess should you need to make a claim, the general rule is the higher the voluntary excess the cheaper the quote, so if you can afford an excess of £500-£1,000 you should get a good deal. Only opt for this if you have the money to pay should you need to claim. You can also choose customised cover for holidays abroad that involve sports and activities like, snowboarding, skiing, cycling etc. You can also get cover for the family so there is no need to have a separate cover for just one member of the family.

Always make sure that it is safe to travel before booking, your doctor may want to run a few tests to make sure that you are fit and healthy enough to do so. Other than this there is no reason why anybody should miss out on having a holiday whether it is abroad on in the country.