DIY back, sack and crack waxing

As back, sack and crack waxing for men is getting popular, the idea of a man baring all to a stranger to have his most intimate parts waxed is still quite daunting to most. Most men who have it done do so as a surprise for their partner whereas a small handful of men actually prefer is as it increases sexual pleasure. Whatever your reasons to have it done, you should consider doing it yourself or having your partner do it for you. Back, sack and crack waxing is also BSC waxing for those who prefer to shorten it or for not letting the whole world know what it is.

DIY back, sack and crack wax

If you are serious about getting it done, you could have it done professionally first before spending money on the wax and not being able to go through it alone. By having the area waxed once before, the hairs should grow back finer making waxing less painful. The first time you have an intimate or sensitive area waxed is always the hardest; once you have it done you know what to expect next.

Getting started

Make sure you exfoliate the area regularly so there are no ingrown hairs, for best results start exfoliating daily 3 days before waxing. When it comes to wax, it’s best to buy wax strips if it’s your first time as it’ll be less messy and less tricky to manoeuvre. If you’re having your partner do it for you, then buy special bikini wax that is designed for sensitive areas, also some waxes harden on the skin and it pulls all the hair easily and relatively pain free. Make sure the area is clean and dry before proceeding; many people prefer being waxed after a shower as the skin is softer and the pores are open making the wax work better at pulling hairs out from the root.

Back waxing

You will need someone to help for this one

  • Take wax or wax strips and apply in the same direction as hair growth
  • Leave for 3 seconds
  • Lift up the edge and pull off in opposite direction of hair growth keeping skin taut
  • When finished, apply soothing cream containing aloe vera to prevent redness and itching

Sack waxing

  • Apply wax or wax strips in direction of hair growth
  • Keeping skin taut, pull off in opposite direction of hair growth
  • Its best to be lying down on a flat surface with legs spread apart slightly or one leg bent at the knee to provide better access to area

Crack waxing

  • The best position is hands and knee with a large mirror so you can see
  • Take wax or wax strips and apply on the inner bum cheek
  • Pull off in opposite direction of hair growth
  • Crack waxing can feel weird for the first time but after a few tries it can feel very exhilarating

Remember to apply cream afterwards to soothe the area and avoid hot showers or baths immediately after as it may sting the area.

Salons catering to men grooming

Salon treatment for men has been available for some time now as male grooming has become increasingly popular. If you think that only a small minority of men go to beauty salons, then you are wrong. The number of men becoming more conscious about their appearance these days are on the rise day by day and visits to grooming salons are increasing so much that male beauty salons are opening at every corner of the road.

The most popular salon treatments for men are:

  • Waxing – back and chest
  • Facials
  • Massage
  • Haircuts
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Spray tan

Most salon treatments that are available to women are now also available to men. If you would like something that a particular salon does not offer, ask them and they might be able to make an exception for you.

All men like their partners to look good, so there’s no reason why men themselves shouldn’t make an effort too. Nowadays you can have combined treatments when you go to a men grooming salon. When you pop into a salon to have a haircut, you can get facials, massages and even your nails done as well.

Men’s hair salons have been around for longer and you may be more used to this type of male grooming. However male waxing is something that you need to try if you have a lot of hair on your body. Your wife/partner/girlfriend will really be impressed (most men who’ve had it done says so!). And if you’re adventurous enough, you can try the other treatments available in men’s salons only.

Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men are now becoming extremely self-conscious as the ever popular men’s magazines and films portraying what seem to be men who are not aging. Take a look at Tom Cruise he is now 47 and looks far better that when he made his film debut aged 19. He has since gotten braces to fix his teeth giving him that movie star smile, toned up to play a spy in mission impossible and he’s also rumoured to have had hair implants.

How do you think these older men look younger now? Magic of cosmetic surgeon of course!

Remember Bruce Willis in Die Hard (1988) take a look at him now. Yes I do admit he has grey hair but he still looks as gorgeous as ever. Remember Richard Gere in Pretty Women he can still melt hearts with that smile. When prison break first hit our screens we all went crazy for Wentworth Miller, it turns out he his 38 years old. Now doesn’t this look too good to be true, I thought he was in his twenties not in a million years would I have said he was nearer 40 to 30.

Whether or not these men have had any help from surgeons, it increasingly difficult to compete with both men and women without the help of any cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for men is no longer taboo, men over 50 are having more cosmetic surgery now compared to four years ago, figures show cosmetic surgery for men has rocketed by over 140%.

What are the most popular cosmetic surgery for men?

  • Nose reshaping (also referred to as Rhinoplasty)
  • Male chest reduction
  • Fat removal (also known as Liposuction)
  • Face and neck lift
  • Ear reshaping (also known as Otoplasty)

Although these are the most popular cosmetic surgeries available for males, there are also many other surgical procedures also available, these include: pectoral implants and calf implants for those who want to cheat, cheek and chin implants for those not already blessed with good looks and penis enlargement and implants.

If you or your partner are considering cosmetic surgery remember to talk to your GP first; they might be able to help without the need for surgical intervention, or in some cases you may qualify for NHS treatment.

In any case your GP will be able to advise you or even recommend a competent cosmetic surgeon, don’t be tempted by glossy advertisements claiming to be the cheapest at the back of magazines, go to a recommended surgeon and do some research before handing any money over.

The nutrition plan for skinny guys taking up body building

Most skinny guys have a fast metabolism which prevents them from putting on weight. However this should not become an excuse if you want to tone up your body as there are ways to get round it. The very first thing though is to know why you want to do body building in the first place. Here are some common reasons:

  • Tired of being treated like a jerk because you’re too skinny
  • Lack of self-confidence because you’re too thin
  • You want to impress the ladies with a ripped body
  • You’re being bullied and want to stand up for yourself

There could be a lot more reasons why you as a skinny guy would want to start bodybuilding. Your very first and most difficult task is to eat more than you use to eat. You cannot grow big if you keep eating what you eat everyday no matter how much you train in the gym. You will end up looking thinner because you’ll be tearing out your muscles without repairing them. So what you should be aiming for is to eat plenty of food which is good for your body. Think about it like looking after a rose – it needs watering, fertilizers, sunlight and getting rid of the weeds.

Here’s a diet for skinny guys taking up bodybuilding:

Meal 1 (07:30)

1 or 2 slices of toast with butter and grated cheese

1 banana

A cup of green tea with honey

Meal 2 (10:30)

1 or 2 oatabix biscuits with milk (or a cup of oatmeal)

1 glass of orange juice

1 tsp of peanut butter

Actimel (danone) – optional

Meal 3 (13:30)

1 can of tuna + baguette + salad

OR chicken/turkey + bread/rice + salad

OR Baked potato + Cottage Cheese + salad

Handful of mixed nuts

1 fruit

Meal 4 (16:30)

1 glass of Whey protein shake

1 tsp of peanut butter

Meal 5 (19:00)

Chicken/Lamb/Fish + rice + salad

Meal 6 (21:00)

1 tsp cod liver oil

1 yoghurt (add blueberries for the taste buds)

1 glass of whey protein shake


If you can eat more, then it is better for you but I’d suggest you stick to this diet until your body can consume more. It is important to eat these six meals a day though and you should not for any reason miss any of them as it will delay your muscle growth and believe it’s the last thing you want to happen. You will find it easier if you always eat at the time you said you would eat instead of putting it off for 10-15 later. Be strict with yourself and your eating habits and you will see results.

The bra for man – Will the males wear it?

man bra

Wishroom, a Japanese company, has recently launched a new range for men – The Man Bra. Although, this may sound funny and weird, they are selling the man bra at such a fast rate that they are finding it difficult to cope with the orders.

The bra for men is sold at around £12 and is available in black, white and pink. It is custom-made and has a leather look but is probably made of nylon.

The reason for men purchasing this bra is still not very clear. Some people think it is to cover up man boobs, moobs as it is called, to give more confidence to men having saggy flesh on the chest area. Others think it more of a fetish thing for cross-dresser designed to be classier and tailored for men tastes.

Of course not all the men are happy about this new invention. Having moobs and letting them loose is generally a sign of the middle-aged man who lives on junk food and too lazy for some regular exercise. There is no reason for a man bra as this would hurt the manhood and give in to weak testosterone.

That being said, some men who have been wearing bras (not the man bra but normal bras) for a while now said they were frequently complimented by their female counterparts as the push-up it gives them shows a more appealing physique.

The man bra is also supposed to help men suffering from gynecomastia, a medical condition that causes enlarged breasts in men.

The bottom line is to be comfortable with your body and yourself and if the man bra will give you some more confidence, then why not?

Feel free to discuss & share your views and reviews on the man bra!

What Happens When You Go for The Back, Sack and Crack Wax?

As well as women waxing their most intimate areas, it is not uncommon for men to also have areas such as their sack and crack waxed.

Most men would shudder at the thought of waxing for guys but there are a few who find it kinky. It is fast becoming the most talked about salon procedure for men.

There are now salons opening that cater to men only. You can go in to get your hair cut but leave with having your nails filed, buffed, shined and a fake tan sprayed on.

A few days before your appointment it’s advisable to start exfoliating to prevent ingrowing hairs.

Mens Waxing – Intimate Areas of Sack & Crack

When having your back waxed, the waxer will then have the pot of wax ready and using a wooden spatula, the latter will smooth the wax in the direction which the hair grows. Holding the skin taut, the waxer will pull off the wax in the opposite direction.

When it’s time for the sack and crack to be waxed, you will have to adapt to all different types of positions to allow the hair to be waxed off as smoothly as possible. All salon staff have seen it before. Make sure you find out how much experience the waxer has before going though. Only trained professionals have a good reputation.

Having your back, sack and crack waxed has been around for years but only lately has it been openly talked about and made more available.

A few hours before having the lower region waxed, it’s advisable to take a few painkillers.

To have your sack waxed, you’ll have to lie on your back with your knees bent and in the air to allow the waxer to apply wax around the testicles. In most cases hard wax will be used and not soft wax. Warm wax sticks to the skin and hair whereas hard wax will only pull off the hairs. Many people find hard wax better as the hairs tend to be quite thick.

For the crack, you will be asked to get on all fours (doggy style); the waxer will then pull apart the cheeks, spread the hard wax and pull in the opposite direction. You can also request to have your buttocks waxed for an additional charge.

After waxing, a soothing calming lotion may be applied to soothe and reduce any redness.

Loose cotton clothing is advised for the next few days as you might suffer from some discomfort.

The results are really worth it – a smooth hair free finish to impress any lucky person you might want to show!

Hair styles for men – Summer 2008

Like supermodel Kate Moss, men have preferred the punk rocker look, minimal effort with I suppose?

Even if you don’t choose to spend time styling your hair in the morning, if you’re well dressed then you’ll easily be able to carry the ‘just got out of bed’ look.

This summer men have also coloured their hair to reflect their own personalities making them stand out more and look more unique compared to other men who may also have the same hairstyles.

As well has having a cut and colour, men this summer are also trying hair care products such as hair serum to make hair smoother and silkier. Many men won’t admit it but they are also using hair straighteners that they have stolen (or borrowed) from their partners.

I’m not quite sure if this is a new trend but the younger generation (16-19 year olds) seem to favour the long hair grunge look. It really does surprise me because although they look filthy, they still manage to get jobs in places like GAME, HMV and many retail stores.

Older more sophisticated men prefer short at the sides and long on top to keep it neat and simple.

Mid-thirties is where I notice more men tend to experiment more as they are more comfortable with themselves and not under any pressure to follow others. Under-thirties I find are still trying to discover who they are so they don’t seem really bothered what they look like.

In general men get more vain as they age so it’s not surprising that they become pickier when it comes for a change to summer hairstyle for 2008.