Skin whitening and bleaching

So many women are unhappy with the colour of their skin, mainly those of Indian, Asian and African origin. In parts of the Caribbean there have been documentaries that highlight the plight of women who have suffered skin problems as a result of using skin whitening creams and bleaching. Many women of colour strongly believe that being lighter you get the best jobs, boyfriends/marriage proposals and better prospects in life.

Just recently former Miss World and face of L’Oreal cosmetics Aishwarya Rai was seen gracing the front cover of Elle Magazine what appeared odd was that her skin was much lighter than what it actually is. Aishwarya is of Indian origin with both her parents being born and brought up there, she has is considering whether or not to sue Elle as it is a form of racist airbrushing.

There are many celebrities that have used or are still using skin whitening products to help lighten their skin but most are still denying it. Celebrities that have a big change in before and after skin colour are: Beyonce, Lil Kim, Michael Jackson, Sammy Sosa and Iman. Although all but Sammy Sosa deny having their skin bleached the before and after pictures speak for themselves.

It’s normal to have some discoloration in skin as you get older, women will notice skin changes on their face, underarms and groin area but this is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. There are skin creams that claim to lighten the skin over time but in most countries they are banned so if you choose to buy them they are at your own risk.

Dangers of skin whitening and bleaching

Not only are the chemicals harsh for skin but they can cause problems that you didn’t have before such as, uneven skin pigmentation, cancer, thinning of the skin, acne and in severe cases it can cause the skin to react badly like you have been burnt. Some women only treat their face but in time it means that skin will not be an all over even colour, the body will remain darker than the face.

It is very concerning that a search on skin whitening and bleaching brings up all sorts of banned creams and procedures. Many of the websites that advertise ‘the original’ are indeed fake or are a mixture of potential harmful chemicals that so many people fall a victim of. If you truly want to lighten your skin then seek advice from a dermatologist and do not be forced into buying products you are unsure of.


Stretchmarks – Treatments To Make Them Disappear

What women dread the most are imperfections such as stretch marks. Stretch marks occur mostly before, during and after pregnancy. Men and women both can get stretch marks, this can also happen if you put on too much weight suddenly in most cases they will not disappear completely but they will fade in time and get paler so they are not so noticeable.

Don’t believe adverts that you see on TV or in magazines that claim to make stretch marks disappear forever, in most cases such treatments will not be effective but in some cases people may see an improvement.

There are things you can do to prevent stretch marks such as, moisturising daily especially around the tummy, bum and thigh areas (these are prone to stretch marks), try and keep a healthy diet teamed with exercise so your body stays tone and firm so you will not put on weight quickly therefore avoiding the dreaded stretch marks.

Other remedies such as rose hip oil are said to make stretch marks less noticeable and disappear quicker. Another remedy said to work is vitamin B, you can get them in capsules if you break the capsule and spread the powder on the area that has stretch marks the vitamin B in the powder is said to eventually heal the stretch mark so it’s not noticeable.

A colleague of mine told me that when she was pregnant for all three of her children she had regular baths in baby oil to prevent stretch marks; she is now 45 years old and can still wear a bikini with a stretch mark free body.

The alternative and most expensive option to get rid of stretch marks is laser treatment. It is not always effective and there is a much greater risk of scarring if it does go wrong.

Shobna Gulati (who is best known as playing Sunita Alahan in Coronation Street) is a well known celebrity who has done magazine interviews voicing concerns and dangers of treating stretch marks with laser treatment. When she had her first child she was so upset that she was left with horrible stretch marks all over her stomach, all the exercise in the world did no good and so she decided to have laser surgery. The laser surgery had disastrous results that left her scarred and worse off than when she had just stretch marks.

Men also get stretch marks but people just don’t talk about it. Men get them when the put on weight too quickly and their bodies are not used to it, they also get it on their stomachs like women when they get a big belly.

On the other hand some people are just lucky to have good genes that means they do not get stretch marks, unfortunately for the rest of us we just need to learn to live with it.