Cat eye infection treatment

If you have a pet you will know how easy and common it is for cats to develop eye infections. Mostly they start off being dry and sore with the entire eye turning red. Eventually the eye will then start to water and may also leak out some smelly discharge that most often will be a yellow colour.

Cat eye infection treatment

All pets are expensive to treat if you do not have adequate insurance cover, so the initial consultation with the vet has to be paid for and any medicine required to treat the infection also needs to be purchased at the vetinary practice.

Initial consultations can cost as little as £15 or as much as £80 depending on the level of experience of the vet and area in which you live in. All the vet will do is inspect you cats’ poorly eye and then prescribe the appropriate medication to treat it. In this case you will almost certainly get some eye drops and if the eye is severely infected a round of antibiotics may also be prescribed. The eye drops to treat a cat eye infection can cost up to £26 and antibiotics for cat eye infections can also cost the same. The total for taking your cat to the vet and buying medicine to treat the infection can cost a staggering £132 and don’t forget that the vet will advise you come back in a week’s time for an unnecessary check up that you will also have to fork out.

How to treat cat eye infection cheap?

I recently had a cat with an eye infection – it looks like he got into a fight or scratched the inner part of the eyelid. He could barely open up his eye due to the sticky discharge that was oozing out the cut, the eye was also inflamed and looked very painful. It was a bank holiday weekend and I couldn’t decide whether I should take him to an out hours vet and be charged an extortionate rate or try and treat him myself. I would never use human medicine on my cat as I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him because of my actions so I decided to use my sterile contact lens solution to clean his eye out three times a day. After three days I’m glad to report that his eye infection had gone and he was back to being his normal self within days. Another alternative if you don’t have contact lens solution is to boil water and let it cool so then it becomes sterile and safe to use to treat your pet.

By opting to treat my beloved cat myself I saved a great deal of money that will come in handy for a forthcoming holiday, a week later my other cat developed the same eye infection. Needless to say I treated his cat eye infection the same way I treated the other and they are now happy and healthy with no trace of the eye infection returning.