Cat Vaccinations

Having just recently adopted to little male kittens the most important thing I needed to think about for their health in future was whether or not to let them have a cat vaccine. Protecting your new pet kitten or cat will prevent unwanted illnesses and expensive medicines as well as unnecessary suffering.

What do cat vaccinations protect against?

Cat vaccines protect a wide range of illnesses that can be harmful and cause death in kittens and cats. Cat vaccinations protect against:

Feline leukemia is only needed to be protected against if you have an outdoor cat; the virus is caught from bites and saliva. Most cats die within 3 years of diagnosis

FIE also know as feline infectious enteritis which is a very severe gut infection

Cat ‘flu’ there is only two types of the flu virus that the vaccine can protect against FHV-1 and FCV due to there being different strains the vaccination cannot protect against all of them

Vaccinations are given in two stages as the first is a low dose to help kick start your kittens immune system. By getting the second vaccination the kitten will then be fully protected against the illnesses that your chosen vaccine will protect against. Remember it takes between 7-14 days for your kitten to be fully vaccinated and during this time you are advised to keep kittens indoors.

Cat vaccination schedule

Kittens need the first of two vaccinations from the age of 9 weeks and the second should follow at 12 weeks. Remember yearly booster vaccinations will keep your pet healthy and protect from harmful diseases.

Whilst you are at your vets for your kitten’s first vaccination they may also mention flea medicine and deworming to help keep your kitten healthy. Be careful if you decide to purchase flea medicine online just because it’s cheaper it doesn’t mean its better there are reports that they can be too powerful and cause kittens to lose their fur.

Cat vaccination side effects

All veterinarians advise you to have a booster injection every year to top up cats immune systems but few will agree that this is actually necessary. There are many people who believe in over vaccinating including vets, so choose to only vaccinate every few years or so. This is a personal choice as a cat vaccination cost can start from £37 and rising to as much as £80. I called at least 10 different places before deciding on a veterinarian to treat my two kittens, I wanted them to be friendly and know what they were talking about so I didn’t go for the cheapest but who I thought knew what they were talking about. Before calling it’s good to do some research to know a bit about the questions you may have, all vets vary about queries asked.