Why is cat insurance important these days?

I have 3 cats at home and it feels really good to look after them as they are all amazing animals and very intelligent. I love them all equally and they are littered trained, so they do their business outside. However a while before that they were very naughty babies since they would poo behind the TV but now when I look back, it makes me laugh.

One of my cats is very attached to me and he sometimes follow me everywhere I go. He will even follow me all the way to the toilet, get inside as well and watch me. It’s really funny and I found out that he really likes me and I have never known any animal to do such a thing. He sometimes comes to me at night at around 10-11pm and tells me in his own way that he is sleepy. So I will then go to my room and he will follow me all the way there and jump on to my bed and wait until I’m under my covers for him to come and sleep next to me. He is so sweet and I love that cat so much and I bet any one of you who has a pet you will know how it feels to care for an animal.

Anyway, my cat once fractured his right paw. He was limping badly and I was very scared because I’ve never seen him like that before. He was in so much pain that I had to bring him to a veterinary (vet) which is just round the corner where I live. He had to have an x-ray and they then found out he fractured his paw so they had put a Band-Aid on his paw and gave him a pain relief and anti-biotic. I had to pay £230 and I was really shocked. I knew it wouldn’t come cheap, especially when your pet is being treated by a vet ,but I wished I had taken cat insurance for him as it would have covered for the vet costs and not come out of my own pockets. Basic cat insurance starts at £5 a month and that’s nothing compared to what I had to pay because in a year it would add up to a total of £60 and i would have saved like £170 in all. So my advice to all cat lovers is to make sure that you have your cats insured so that you don’t end up paying huge vet bills in case something happens to your pet. You never know when something bad will happen until it really does happen and knowing your pet cat is insured is peace of mind. Anyway, after 4 weeks his paw recovered and he was able to jump fine and land on his right paw perfectly fine and I’m so happy to see him back to normal now. Ohh, and i forgot to tell you that now i have cat insurance for my little friend as we don’t know what the future holds, but fingers crossed he should be all right hereafter.