Cat neutering

As kittens get older you may choose to have them neutered also known as spayed and castration. For female kittens this prevents pregnancies and in male kittens, this stops them from spraying all over the house marking their territory.

I have found that if you have a female kitten and she is not allowed to have a litter of her own, she will grow up resentful and unaffectionate. I have had 3 of my own who were like this and many friends who have said the same.

Female neutering in kittens and cats

Having a female cat or kitten neutered is usually more expensive than a male. The kitten or cat will have to be brought in usually before 9am and collected during the late afternoon depending on when surgery was taken place and recovery time.  After surgery has taken place she will have a cone placed round her neck to prevent her from licking and scratching the wound, the area that was cut into will also be shaved and a stitch will clearly be visible.  It is advisable to keep her indoors a few weeks prior to the operation and a week after the operation has taken place. Within 7-10 days the stitches and the cone will be removed and she will be free to clean herself. The cost for neutering female kittens from the age of 6 months is £38 – £75; shop around for a good deal.

Male castration in kittens and cats

Male cats and kittens are castrated because they tend to spray to mark their territory when they get older; it can also calm down aggressive cats. Castrating cats mean removing their testicles and this procedure is not reversible. As well as stopping cats from spraying, it will prevent any unwanted litter of kittens, infections and diseases and will stop your cat from wandering away from home too often. A collar will be needed when the operation is over to prevent the wound from being licked; it is advisable to keep pets indoors whilst the wound heals. The cost for castrating kittens from the age of 6 months is £34 – £60. Call all your local vets and compare prices and you will find that they can vary a lot.

Whilst you are getting your kittens neutered or castrated, it may be worth considering micro chipping. Most places offer a discount if you have the both procedures together. It’s well worth it so your cherished pet doesn’t get lost or stolen.