Buying a cat toy

Boredom is unwanted for humans as it is for cats and one way to fight this is to have toys to play with. When you as the owner use cat toys to play with your pets, it bonds you more to them and will be exciting both for the cat as it will be for you. So let’s have a look at some cheap cat toys that you can buy for your kittens/cats.

Laser Chase Cat Toy

This unique cat toy will drive your cat or kitten crazy. You press a button on the Laser Chase Cat Toy and it will project a beam where you are focusing. When your cat sees a red light on the floor (coming from the beam of your gadget), it will immediately try to capture it and the hunting will begin for your pet cat. It is an excellent way to make your cat exercise a bit, sharpen their reactions and stop their boredom. You will get around 12 shapes from this interactive cat toy to amuse your pet. Most people who’ve bought this toy have said that their cats love it and they are overwhelmed when they see their cats jump around trying to catch the moving beam. Cost around £4.99.

Mouse Cat Toy

We all know that cats like chasing mice from watching cartoons and this is an ideal cheap cat toy. Costing around £2.50, this mouse cat toy will make a squeaky sound when it is moved, giving the impression that it is real to the cat. Some of the mouse cat toys even have catnip (a herb that attracts cats) inside and it will automatically draw attention to itself even if you have a lazy cat. You can get them in different shapes, sizes and colours with different furs as well.

Ball Cat Toys

This has to be the most popular cat toys of all. Starting from £1.50, you can get like 4 Pompom Balls per pack containing a small stash of catnip which will attract your cats and make them play with the balls. Some other ball cat toys include the Zig-Zag ball which moves around in no pre-defined path and will entertain your cats/kittens by making them want to get hold of them or throw them round even more.

Cat Scratching Post

If you have cats, you will know how much they like to scratch on the carpets, the sofa, actually anything really. However this leaves scratches everywhere and although you love cats/kittens to bits, you would not like them scratching all over the place. The solution is to buy a fun cat scratching post. You can get a good one for about £15 which comes with a ball at the top for you cats to play with. So it is not only for scratching but you will see your cats playing with the ball on the cat scratching post also and it is well worth the price to be quite honest.