Anal and vaginal skin whitening and bleaching

Over the years and during pregnancy when a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes the changes that are apparent on the skin such as skin discolouration and darkening. At some point in their lives a woman will notice that the skin around the vagina and anus will darken over time. A common cause for this is also said to be because of shaving the area on a regular basis but dermatologists and other skin specialist’s have yet to confirm whether there is any link.

Many people who come across this bizarre form of cosmetic surgery will wonder why on earth someone would even consider doing such a thing but for most women it’s not because someone will see these areas but for themselves. Darker women are most likely to get darker anal and vaginal skin surrounding those areas than any other but things like synthetic clothing is said to also play a part to darkening around the groin area.

Beware of bogus and scam websites that sell unauthorised or illegal skin whitening and bleaching creams and gels. As the skin around the vaginal and anal areas is very sensitive it is not advised to self prescribe a cream or miracle cure gel you have seen advertised in the back of a magazine or on the internet. If you are really embarrassed by your skin changes then always contact your GP as your first adviser. They might be able to prescribe a safe cream to us or refer you to a dermatologist who will give you further advice.

Internet sites will tell you they have the answer and show you before and after photographs of women who have used their creams but remember that it’s not all real and with Photoshop most pictures can look perfect! You shouldn’t be messing with delicate areas when you want to treat them always seek professional advice first.

You may find that there are others who have worse skin problems than you and simple home remedies can help improve the appearance of darkened skin around the vagina and anus without the need to use harsh and potentially damaging chemicals.

Home recipes for anal and vaginal skin whitening and bleaching

  • Oatmeal mixed with honey and milk can lighten skin over a period of time
  • Lemon juice with salt can sting the area but is also used as an alternative
  • Sand mixed with a paste can help scrub the dead skin and replace with new whiter skin
  • Basic body scrubs that have granules can also help the appearance of dark skin

Always start with mild forms of treatment before going n to more drastic measures such as bleaching and strong whitening creams, avoid all if possible because such chemicals are also known to cause skin cancer.