Bingo wings – Getting Rid of them!

When losing weight, one of the hardest things to get back to normal is loose skin. One common problem area women face after losing weight is bingo wings. They form when you lose weight but are left with sagging skin between the shoulders and elbow.

How to get rid of bingo wings?

Although you can lose the fat that was stored in the top of your arms, losing the extra sagging skin is extremely difficult. By lifting small weights this can help reduce the size of bingo wings but may not necessarily get rid of all sagging skin that losing weight will leave behind. The only other option after exercise is surgery; depending on the surgeon you may be able to achieve very good results from excessive skin removal around the arm pit. If the amount of skin to be removed is too much then you may end up with a long scar. An alternative is to try body wraps – these work by wrapping the area with bandages and you can lose up to 5 inches.

Ulrika Johnson is a recent celebrity who has undergone a complete body transformation including fat removal and arm pit skin removal. She opted for the skin to be tucked in around her arm pit so it left no visible scar. This I would say is the better option as it’s neater and you won’t be left with unsightly scars.