Dimple job also known as dimple plasty

2010 has seen an increase in women seeking plastic surgery to enhance their features. The trend for summer 2010 has got to be the ‘dimple job’. Although the rise in women wanting ‘designer dimples’ started in America British women are also wanting to get in with this new trend. We all know how cute babies look when they have dimples and most do not grow out of them either, so if you are lucky enough to meet someone who has then it would be a shame to let them get away.

What is a dimple job?

This is the name that has been given to those who are opting to have a surgeon create a dimple on either a cheek or two. Dimples are extremely popular and there are many celebrities that have been lucky enough to be born with them naturally. In most cases they are hereditary but sometimes a child can be born with dimples even if the parents do not.

Dimple plasty procedure

Dimple plasty is the medical term to dimple job, as this involves a plastic surgeon and some recovery time there are risks that are associated with this procedure.

A small cut is made into the skin where the client would like a dimple

This then makes a small indentation; a stitch is put in place connecting it to the deeper layers of tissue

The stitch will eventually dissolve but the scar tissue will always remain creating the dimple

Long term side effects to this procedure are still unknown so clients opting for this should proceed with caution. Some medical experts predict that having dimple plasty to forcefully create a dimple will lead to the dimple looking out of place when the patient gets older and the skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to droop.

In the US a simple dimple plasty procedure can set you back around $2000 – $5000 depending on the surgeon, area and if you want one or two dimples. In the UK a dimple plasty procedure can cost up to £6000, as this is still a relatively new procedure finding am experienced surgeon may prove difficult.