Ear lobe reconstruction for droopy ears and large pierced holes

30 years ago large earrings such as hoops and other designs were very fashionable but as time has gone on earrings have gotten smaller and less ‘in your face’. Unfortunately many women have suffered a fallback when it comes to those large, heavy and unsightly earrings, and droopy ear lobes and stretched out ear pierced holes.

As well as having heavy earrings to blame women who liked to wear dangly earrings were also affected as children would like to pull on them as they find them attractive. The damage is not noticeable until sometime later when you start aging and the skin isn’t as elastic as it once was. People don’t realise that ear lobes will also drop as we age, skin all over the body is affected as it loses collagen and elasticity.

Ear lobes are not only damaged by becoming droopy but the pierced hole also becomes bigger to the point where small studs simply fall out. By wearing large earrings to hide the damage you only make it worse by stretching out the skin further and making it droopier. There is no quick fix to stop ear lobes from drooping, the only solution is surgery.

Fortunately nowadays surgery is available for almost any part of the body and ears are no exception. In less than an hour ears can be permanently fixed and within a month you can get your ears pierced again. Ear lobe reconstruction is surprisingly becoming a much more common procedure as many women want to look good and avoid the embarrassment of droopy ear lobes. It’s funny because in some cultures stretched out ear piercings and droopy ear lobes are very trendy and attractive but here in the modern world they are a sign of old age!

Younger women in their 30’s are now opting for injectable fillers in their lobes to make the holes smaller, this is the age that most women start to notice some drooping.

Ear lobe reconstruction

For severe cases where the ear lobe droops and the pierced hole is stretched a complete reconstruction of the lobe is needed. The area is anaesthetised and excess tissue is cut away, the enlarged piercing hole is stitched and filler is injected. The whole process takes around 40 minutes at an eye watering cost of £1,000. It takes around 18 months to recover fully but after 6 weeks you can get your ears pierced, doctors recommend sticking to small studs and light earrings not dangly or heavy ones that can cause further damage.