Hymenoplasty surgery

There has been a worrying increase in young unmarried women seeking to have their virginity restored. In many countries sex before marriage is wrong and if a women marries without her virginity then the new husband has the right to have teh marriage annulled. The woman then loses face in the community and the chance of marrying again is very slim. Although the women seeking hymen restoration are usually young Asian women of Pakistani or Indian background there are a handful of women from other backgrounds seeking this surgery too.

Hymenoplasty procedure

The surgery usually takes only half an hour and consists of the surgeon making the opening tighter, usually is reconstructed or stitched so that the woman will bleed on her wedding night. In some cases a new hymen is constructed out of the vaginal lining to create a ‘fake’ hymen, a blood capsule can also be inserted so when the new hymen breaks a little blood flow is present to make it seem real.

Plastic surgeons have seen an unnecessary increase in this surgery with surgeons charging anywhere from £1,850 to £4,000 for hymen restoration. Although no patient data is kept from the women who have had this surgery the surgeons who have performed this procedure report that 80% of them are Muslim women. In some cultures the sheets are checked after the wedding night to see if the new bride bled on the marital bed. It can cause shame if she did not and in some cases can cause problems.

The NHS has also seen an increase in women asking their GP’s to be referred for this procedure costing the NHS thousands whilst there are cancer patients being denied life saving drugs. It’s appalling that yo0ung women are forced into leading a double and if they choose to have sex outside marriage then it should be up to them to live with the consequences, pay for hymenoplasty themselves or find a man that is open minded and has had sex before.

It’s important for women to know that not all women bleed when they have sex for the first time, the hymen can also break from a wide range of things such as riding a bike, dancing, horse riding and gymnastics. If you use a tampon when you are a virgin then this can also contribute to the loss of your hymen. It’s nothing to be ashamed about if you have lost it through no fault of your own or through sex. It’s unfair that so many cultures expect women to be virgins when they marry as this is just not the case anymore.

If you feel you have no choice but to go through with the hymenoplasty procedure then please pay for it out of your own pocket and stop abusing the National Health System.