Knee liposuction

After extreme weight gain followed by weight loss the skin unfortunately loses its elasticity and in some areas of the body the skin will sag and fatty deposits will build up. No amount of exercise or dieting can ever bring back taut skin and in some areas of the body the fat build up will never burn off. This is the problem faced by obese people who have gastric bands fitted to lose the weight and new mothers who did not exercise during pregnancy.


Liposuction is most commonly used to remove excess fat from the stomach and thigh area by using a cannula to suck it out through a small incision. Other areas that liposuction has work well is the buttocks, back and even the face. Sometimes the procedure can go wrong if too much fat is sucked out, the skin will then begin to wrinkle and look worse than before. Some areas of the body such as the thighs may have a permanent ‘dimple’ to where the incision was made to insert the cannula for liposuction. Liposuction has been done on the knee and as it can remove the surrounding fat, but it cannot make the skin taut again.

Ultra lipolyse

Ultra lipolyse has just been introduced to England after the demand for this revolutionary procedure became so popular in France. The waiting list for people wanting this procedure grew so much that surgeon who discovered ultra lipolyse decided to see what the demand was for it here in the UK. Unlike liposuction lipolyse does not leave the skin with bruises after the procedure and isn’t so intrusive. Ultra lipolyse is a fibre-optic laser that is inserted under the skin through a small incision, the laser burns the fat and the body discards it naturally. The laser also helps tighten the skin by stimulating the cells to produce collagen; therefore the skin surrounding the knee no longer sags.

People who have undergone liposuction to the knees will find that after the fat has been removed further surgery is required to remove the excess skin around the knee. With lipolyse this is not needed as the fibre-optic laser will break down the fat and make the skin tighter so only the one procedure is needed. Like post surgery liposuction a custom made surgical support legging needs to be worn for around a week or so afterwards. The downtime for this procedure is only a day and you can continue with your normal work routine the day after. Exercise can only be resumed a fortnight after the procedure.