Snap-on smile

There are so many people who have vanity issues concerning their teeth whether it’s because they are stained, uneven, crooked or damaged through dental procedures such as root canal treatment sometimes the cost of repairing the damage is not only expensive but also scary. Teeth whitening are a very popular procedure but with the average treatment costing from £400 it’s still a lot of money for those who do not earn that much. The side effect are also scary, teeth sensitivity and enamel damage are the two concerns of people who want to have perfect pearly whites.

There are some people who have very bad teeth where they are very crooked that they just do not like to smile but the cost of braces and then teeth whitening treatment is just too much for them to afford. So now there is a new way to save money on teeth whitening and get perfect straight teeth with minimum fuss, cost and potential damage caused.

Snap-on smile

Costing around £900 including consultation, custom made snap on smile and fitting it would seem the longer lasting option to teeth whitening veneers and crowns. They hide wonky teeth and give you those perfect pearly white teeth with no discomfort. Although there are similar DIY kits available for you to make your own custom made snap on smile its worth speaking to your dentist and finding out more information before choosing a snap on smile.

They do seem dear at £900 but a single veneer can cost between £500 and £1000 so in the long term a snap on instant fix for £900 that will last years to come sounds like the better option. Also most of the population are afraid of the dentist so having dental treatment that doesn’t require injections and anaesthesia will be a happy welcome for most.

There are not many dentists that offer this service at present so you will need to do some investigating and research but for those that have had them done it has been a worthwhile purchase that would have otherwise been impossible to conceal stained and crooked teeth.