Last Minute Bikini Body Confidence

With bad weather set to spoil what should be the summer, I take a look at how to cheat a bikini diet?

It’s half term and it’s August and we should be sun bathing ourselves in temperatures above 25C instead there has been rain, wind and unpredictable sunshine. I know most people hadn’t been planning for holidays this summer as earlier in the year it was predicted ‘Summer 2009 would be a scorcher’. As we are nearing September the weather predictions couldn’t be more wrong.

How to cheat a bikini diet?

There are a few ways to cheat your bikini diet and some of them are discussed here:

  • Mini liposuction (also known as mini lipo) has been around for a few years and is only for people who are close to their ideal weight. Not much fat is removed so it’s only for people who need just a little bit of help to get into shape. Prices for mini lipo will vary but the great thing about it is you don’t need to take time off from work because it’s not as invasive as full liposuction.
  • You can also try body wraps – you can buy one and do it yourself at home or go to a beauty salon and have a therapist do it for you. You can lose a few inches on targeted areas so there’s no need to starve yourself thin. For most body wraps, you may need to have a course for them to be effective. So if you have a spur of the moment decision to go on holiday, you can also take them with you.
  • Have you ever thought on cheating with swimwear? There are many swimsuits that tuck in the tummy area if that’s your targeted area. If not, why not try a control bikini pants. They work by creating the illusion of a toned body when in fact it’s just tucking it all in.

If all else fail, then why not try a liquid diet! It’s a last resort but if you are going away and leave it to the last minute then by cutting down for a week you’d be surprised how much weight you can lose.

Although I don’t advise liquid or crash dieting, I have found that this is the solution for last minute bikini body confidence.