Celebrity fitness DVD, best and worst

As the part season approaches many women are more laid back when it comes to following their diets or even attending the gym regularly. The beginning of the year will see many people who have overindulged heading over to the gym or looking to sign up to shift some of the extra pies they consumed during the winter months. For many of us going to the gym or even following a strict diet is very hard with a job and family to balance so many working women will opt for an exercise DVD. The most popular method of losing weight is looking to our much publicised celebrity dieters and doing what they did to get that dream body.

Over the next few weeks there will be an increase in celebrity fitness DVD’s as there seem to be too many to choose from. Celebrities such as former GMTV weather girl Claire Nasir, former Eastender Nadia Sawalha and Kerry Katona have all also just released new fitness DVD’s in time for Christmas and New Year. With so many to choose from which ones actually work and which ones are the ones to avoid, we put them to the test.

I would say at first glance I would not trust the extreme weight loss pictures too much as they look too extreme, the before and after pictures that were the most extreme were, Hannah Waterman, Claire Nasir, Nadia Sawalha, Claire Richards and Natalie Cassidy. Most of these women are naturally big anyway but some like Claire Richards from steps just gained a little too much weight after having a baby. Women who are naturally slim such as Katie Price, Danielle Lloyd and Geri Halliwell do not have much work to do to maintain their shape anyway so I don’t understand the point of a fitness DVD.

The best selling Fitness DVD chosen by women who have tried it and stuck to it went to Davina McCall, the majority of women found it easy to follow and found that they managed to lose weight and tone up with minimal effort. The worst DVD unsurprisingly went to Natalie Cassidy, I’m not surprised as she lost too much weight in such a short period of time then put it all back on again even quicker!

The best thing to do when choosing a celebrity work out DVD is to read the reviews and see what people have to say about it, don’t go by what you see on the cover as a lot of it is airbrushed to look even more appealing.