Do exercise machines really work?

There are loads of exercise aids to help people lose weight through easy exercise. They range in price from £10 – £150, the price will differ due to type of machine used and areas you wish to target.

These are things like toning discs that are round and you use your body to swing side to size to improve muscle tone and tighten abdominal muscles. Others include treadmills, multi gyms and rowing machines.

When it comes down to choosing there is just too much choice, even if it seems like a good price and the adverts look good don’t be fooled you may have failed to notice in the advertisement that the ‘look’ is only achievable with a good diet as well as exercise. Many of these ‘home gyms’ also come with a sensible eating plan to help with weight loss and toning muscle.

Be warned many people make the mistake of buying exercise equipment and not really using it which means you’ve wasted a few hundred pounds on unnecessary equipment that will only take up room in the cupboard or under the bed.


It’s easy to get hooked on the advertisements that show perfectly toned women doing easy exercise and want to get the same look. People forget that these women did not get toned overnight they have been doing it for years. So to think you can go from a UK size 18 to 10 in just one month is just ridiculous. With commitment and sensible eating it can be achievable within six months.

Beware of crash dieting and exercise combined, this is unhealthy and can cause serious health complications as you body has to rapidly adjust to changes. It’s best to start slow and then increase the pace of exercise giving your body the chance to get used to changes slowly. Once you’ve adapted to sensible eating and exercise it will be a way of life as you will learn to eat the right foods without feeling the hunger pangs.

Remember there are lots of sites you can go for reviews so before spending a fortune on an exercise aid find out if it really does what it says. If not try it for a week and if there is no change return it within 28 days to get a full refund.


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  1. Liz November 21, 2008 / 7:29 am

    I have a toning disc but i’ve never really got round to using it does is really work?

  2. Peach February 20, 2009 / 5:54 am

    Yes it does, like everything it takes time for the results to show, but with sensible eating and teaming the tonig disc with other forms of exercise you can get a toner waist and even lose a few inches!

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