How to put on weight healthily and steadily?

The majority of people would like to lose a few pounds but there are a small minority of people who would like to gain weight. The idea of gaining weight for most people is a ghastly thought but for those who need the extra pounds, this could be due to health reasons or medical problems. Many men and women are naturally slim but in some cases this is not the desired look.

Why would someone want to put on weight?

As you may well know the size zero look is well on its way out with London Fashion Week also doing its bit by selecting women who are naturally slim and not too skinny with a healthy BMI (body mass index). Below are some reasons why someone would want to gain a few pounds:

  • Women may need to put on weight to conceive, for example, it’s a well known fact that if you are so skinny that you no longer menstruate, this can cause you to be infertile.
  • A naturally skinny person may need to put on some weight for a wedding or other special occasion so that clothes will fit better and look nicer.
  • Sometimes by being too skinny you may be underweight for your height and weight meaning you could be putting your body through serious damage.
  • For some people medication that has been prescribed for long term use can also speed up your metabolism meaning you can eat what you want and not put on any weight.
  • Men sometimes need to put on weight in the right places so they don’t look so odd; women like men who have a bit of meat on them so they aren’t hugging a pile of bones.
  • Also by being too skinny you may find that you have little or no energy and your body needs fuel to keep going and without this you’d just crash and burn.

There are some people who just eat, eat and eat and still don’t put on any weight and whilst most people would envy this, in some cases these people would love nothing more than to gain some weight. By eating all fatty foods and junk food, this will only make you sick and give you skin and digestive problems. To put on weight healthily and slowly, you need to have a diet plan that works for you. For example try eating little and often rather than 3 larger meals a day; this will mean you are having a steady source of energy constantly throughout the day and you are much more likely to be alert.

What foods to eat to aid weight gain?

Keep away from stodgy foods that have been deep fried or are immersed in oil. If you must eat unhealthily, eat snacks like crisps, fizzy drinks and cakes but remember to keep the intake to a minimum. You can eat foods such as rice, bread, potatoes, pulses, vegetable pasta as well. As you enter your weight gain diet plan, you will find what foods give you more energy and lift your mood rather than leaving you feeling down.