Painting corners and straight lines

It’s advisable to retouch paint work in the home at least every 5 years but it’s better if its done within 3 years. This will keep your home looking fresh and upkeep to a minimal. It can get quite expensive having to hire a painter/decorator every few years so here’s some tips to help you paint tricky corners and straight lines.

When it comes to painting, it’s pretty simple that even a 3 year old could help. The hardest part is painting above the skirting board, around the door frame and the top of the wall just before the ceiling meets. There are a few simple ways to making sure you use fewer tools as possible and with minimal mess and professional results.

How to paint corners and straight lines?

If you have a main colour in the living room and are painting a bold feature wall just next to a lighter colour wall, you will want to make sure that the bolder colour doesn’t spoil the lighter wall. There are a few ways to do this as I explain below:

Using a paint pad – paint pads come in a few different shapes making it easier when painting a corner or just above the skirting board. The most common paint pad shapes used in the household are the rectangle shape and the triangle. Paint pads uses as little paint as possible and doesn’t drip but the disadvantage is that if you have used a roller before and then used the paint pad in the corners, the texture of the two are highly noticeable.

Masking tape – masking tape is highly versatile and can be used on most surfaces; just make sure the area that it is being applied to is clean and dust free. For better results remove masking tape 20 minutes to an hour after painting because if you leave it too long, the paint underneath can be stripped off. The negative aspect to using masking tape to achieve straight smooth paint lines is that it is time consuming applying it everywhere and messy when it comes to stripping it off.

Paint guard – this is probably the cheapest and easiest method as a paint guard can be bought for under £1 and used over and over again, unlike paintbrushes. Paint guards look a bit like a ruler, only the ends have smaller or curved shapes so you can use in any corner or part of the wall as required.

Paint brush – most experienced painters and decorators use a good old fashioned paint brush to paint straight lines, so unless you have a steady hand use an alternative method. If you do decide to use a paint brush, buy a really good quality one with a good grip handle. Don’t fully immerse the paint brush in paint as you will just have a drippy brush that will ruin your hard work.