How to choose a pet dog

Deciding on what dog to have is a very difficult decision. There are too many breeds to talk about and it really depends on what you’re looking for. There are dogs which stay really small; there are dogs which grow so big it will be impossible to pick up. There are also some dogs which are just too lazy to do anything and although there are just a handful of these it is worth doing a lot of research. There are many books in the library which can advise you on different breeds of dogs or the easiest place is on the Internet.

When you have decided from the many different breeds of dog that there are, the best place to get one is from a reputable dog breeder and not a pet shop. Dog breeders usually do it for a hobby rather a living and you also get to see the mother and father. You will be able to see if the puppy has been well looked and the condition of the litter. If the place looks messy and smells very foul and it feels wrong then trust your instinct and don’t buy a puppy there. Actually report the owners to the RSCPA.

Remember if you’re buying a puppy they must not be separated from their mother before a minimum of 8 weeks although sometimes they are kept for 10 weeks. Puppies just like human babies rely on their mother’s milk for the first few months and it gives them the best start in life. After 10 weeks they are slowly weaned off and introduced to sloppy food then hard food. Puppies just like human babies will lose their first teeth after the following couple of months.

Puppies will come vaccinated as this is done a few weeks after birth; if you’re buying from a dog breeder you will get a list of vaccinations done with a certificate of when it was vaccinated. It is advisable to have your new puppy checked by a qualified veterinary. Also remember to get a diet sheet from the breeder so you can slowly introduce them to new food if they haven’t already done so.

If you decide that a puppy/dog is what you want then remember that they are just like children, they will require constant care and attention, will need to be fed on time and taken on walks for exercise and mental stimulation.

If you have already had a puppy and would like to give and older or abandoned dog a home, then don’t forget there are lots of rescue centres that are always looking for people to offer a good home. Dogs are just as fun as puppies but less work, they will have been neutered already and are house trained.

Whichever you decide to go for good luck and post your tips and comments below.