Cocker Spaniel Puppies

One of the most popular breeds of dog that the elderly like is cocker spaniel puppies. Not only are they small and cute but they are very friendly with a good temperament. Cocker spaniels were first introduced in the 1800’s and are still a popular choice today. Cocker spaniel puppies love to play and are full of energy, this is why families also like cocker spaniels. They are most known for their shiny glossy coat and this is why you will see so many entered in dog shows. Cocker spaniel puppies are known as very sensitive, so when it comes to discipline, try not to be too hard on them. Disobedient training is also not needed so much as they are very quick learners and obey commands easily. Cocker spaniels are classed as medium sized dogs with a life span of 10 -16 years.

Cocker spaniel puppies will later develop a thick and shiny coat which will require brushing every couple of days to maintain its healthy shine. Cocker spaniels are about average when it comes to shedding hair but if you want it to prevent this, then they may need to be trimmed every so often to prevent the coat from shedding. Cocker spaniels are also friendly when it comes to interacting with other pets, so if you already have other animals, a cocker spaniel puppy will be a great addition.

Another factor that could change your mind when it comes to buying cocker spaniel puppies is that it’s well known to have health issues. Illnesses such as alopecia, corneal dystrophy, hip dysplasia, lipomas, retinal dysplasia, epilepsy, blocked tear ducts are just some to name a few. Having health ailments will also make the puppy expensive to insure and insurance is vital if you want the best for your puppy.

If you still decide to buy a cocker spaniel puppy, you won’t be disappointed; just remember to see the puppy with its mother and other siblings before you purchase. Also make sure you buy from a Kennel Club registered breeder This means your new puppy will come with documentation stating who their parents, grandparents are etc. If your puppy’s brothers and sisters look happy and healthy, then you can be sure that the puppy you will adopt will be too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the mother and check the area they have been brought up in as this can make a big difference when bringing your new cocker spaniel puppy home.

A good thing about the cocker spaniel is that it doesn’t require a lot of exercise just moderate. So it’s perfect for a young family or an elderly person looking for some company. Just taking your new puppy for a light walk is sufficient for it but the latter may have other ideas as they are very energetic and love to play.