Designer Dog Collars

All dogs have collars and leads, so why should you settle for a basic common design when you could stand out from the crowd with a designer dog collar. Designer dog collars come in all shapes and sizes and besides from looking really stylish and in fashion, they are really comfortable too. Gone are the days when dog owners settle for cheap and common collars because designer ones aren’t as expensive as they may sound.

A popular place for designer pet accessories is Harrods and having shopped there for my own pets, it’s really not as expensive as you may think. If there is a particular design you would like and it’s not available, just contact the designer and for a little extra money, they could custom make it for you.

Where to buy designer dog collars?

As the demand for designer dog collars have grown in recent years, there are shops that cater for the needs of these specific customers. The best place to find out where they are being sold is by searching on the internet as you may find a shop close to you. It’s always advisable to see what you’re purchasing rather than buying blindly over the internet. By going to a shop you can check its quality, design and authenticity. As your dog will be wearing his collar all day, you want one that not only looks good but is also comfortable. As we spend so much money on ourselves, it only makes sense to treat our beloved pets every now and again too. As dogs are very obedient animals and rely heavily on their owners, the chances of their designer collar getting lost is very slim. If you buy a very expensive dog collar, then you may want your pet dog to wear it only on special occasions but if you don’t mind your dog wearing it all the time be careful though. Depending which area you live in, you may attract too much unwanted attention on you and your pet.

Depending on the size of the collar and design, designer dog collars can cost as little as £20 or as much as £80 but in most cases the chances of other dogs having the same collar as your pets are very slim. Just like you don’t want to be seen wearing the same clothes as your buddies when you go out, it’s the same for dogs. They are pets and they need to be pampered every now and then and it’s little things like these which makes them stand out from the crowd and shows your appreciation for them.