Grooming your dog

Having a pet dog is a very satisfying thing in life. A dog is men’s best companion, a very exciting pet which will keep you very active and happy as a dog owner. However you will need to take care of your dog to keep it in good health. That is where dog grooming comes into play. Dog grooming typically involves checking your pet dog’s skin for any sore areas or lumps, fleas, parasites, making sure the eyes and ears are clean, shaping the dog’s coat and giving the pet dog a bath.

It is important to check the ears of your pet dog for wax as this could be a sign of ear mites and you should clean around the ears with a damp cotton wool. Using lukewarm water and a dog shampoo, you can easily bathe your pet but remember to avoid contact with the ears/eyes. If you catch your dog dragging his bottom along the floor, this means it will have to have its anal glands emptied. Unless you really know how to do it, please leave this to a professional groomer as this is a very sensitive area and you wouldn’t want to upset your dog, would you?

Home grooming kits for dogs

Grooming your dog will make you bond more with your pet. If your pet dog is the shy type, you should start by trying to hold its paw or other areas of its body to make it more comfortable with your touch before you start grooming. You will need to give this whole process time and be gentle with your dog to gain its trust- rewarding your pet with dog treats is always helpful by the way.

What things do I need for grooming my dog?

Dog Shampoo, dog conditioner
Dog brushes, dog combs, dog clippers
Dog ear cleaners, dog flea combs, dog nail clippers
Dog grooming sprays, cotton swabs, dog nail clippers

You can buy a dog grooming kit and it will have the most essential things you will need when grooming your dog.

How much does professional dog grooming cost?

If you don’t want the hassle of grooming your own pet dog, then you can hire professional dog grooming services. Basic dog grooming services costs from £25 to £40 depending of the size and breed of your pet dog. The service includes full brush and comb out, minor matt removal, bath in quality shampoo, coat conditioner, drying, clipping, scissor and styling. Additional services like ear cleaning nail/claw trimming & anal glands are charged extra.