House training a dog

Dogs are easier to train compared to cats I think they understand better.

It’s a very different technique training a dog as opposed to cats.

As a puppy the dog breeder may already have introduced toilet training if not then you will need a lot of patience.

As long as you follow the same routine you shouldn’t have any problems. There will be accidents but just like trying to teach a small child to toilet train it’s very hard.

When the puppy gets up in the morning make sure it does a pee, do this by making sure he’s on a few sheets of newspaper. Point and use the same word each time like ‘toilet’ but don’t call him by his name and after he does his business praise him and/or give him a treat.

He will then become familiar with this routine every morning.

You will need to have a few areas with newspaper so he can get used to this idea, always use the same places otherwise he’ll get confused and you’ll be back to square one.

If he doesn’t use the right area you have to tell him by saying firmly ‘NO’ and point to his toilet area.

After he understands you need to introduce him to toilet training outside. Only do this after he has had all his vaccinations and the vet has said it’s safe to do so. Have some newspaper placed outside so he has a place to go.

When he wants to go outside he will let you know by scratching the door.

When out in public remember to carry a plastic bag and some gloves/poo scooper because if you get caught you can be fined if you don’t clear up the mess.

You have to regularly take them for walks, they need the exercise and they need to go toilet. It’s a bigger commitment having a dog compared to smaller animals.