Safestix for dogs the alternative to fetching sticks

We all know the huge commitments we need to make when we adopt an animal, although cats can be trained to go toilet outside dogs on the other hand need to be taken for walks on a daily basis. Cats will bury their excrement where dogs will just leave it on show; dogs will dig to bury bones and other goodies so they can find them at a later stage. This is one of the main reasons some families are reluctant to buy a puppy or dog because taking them for walks once or even twice daily can be very hectic when you have children.

Dogs are not like cats they need more discipline and interaction as well as encouragement to exercise more whereas cats are independent and will come and go as they please. Dogs love to chase and catch balls and sticks but some of the more adventurous ones will hunt down huge branches that have fallen down from the trees. You will often seen dogs and their owners going for walks and chasing balls and sticks but do you know the hidden dangers of playing fetch with your loved one?

In recent years injuries caused by playing fetch have soared, dogs have had their jaws nearly ripped off, splinters in the mouth and also very painful cuts and scrapes inside the mouth. The cause of all this is chasing sticks and branches. Many dog owners do not realise just how dangerous they are and to what extent damage can be caused. This is why a dog owner has come up with a safe way for dogs to play fetch with no risk of injury.

Rubber Safestix for dogs

Did you know that you could pay up to £1,500 for treatment if your dog was injured while playing fetch, x-rays for the mouth and treatment will soon be expensive if you don’t have insurance and that is exactly what one dog owner found out when he took his dog out for a walk. An army sergeant was left distressed when his beloved Jack Russell ended up with serious injuries to his mouth whilst playing fetch. As a result of this he invented Safestix a 2ft long rubber stick that is used to play fetch with. It has so far been a success with other dog owners coming forth to talk about their bad experiences with playing fetch with sticks.

Safestix has been approved by the Royal Veterinary College and is supported by vets, at the cost of £14.99 not enough people have bought it yet for it to be reviewed. If you have one then leave your thoughts here today by submitting a comment.