Poundland new Chit Chat makeup range

Poundland have just announced a new range of makeup called Chit Chat that is now available in all their stores at a recession busting £1. This includes foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and even lip gloss. As we all know, a good foundation ranges from £12 – £35 so to buy a foundation costing a meagre £1 seems too good to be true, so how does Poundland compare against other high street brands.

Poundland Chit Chat makeup range review

We all love a bargain and even those that have the money to splash out £120 a month on makeup will secretly revel in the fact that the average women spends £9000 on makeup throughout their lifetime so by slashing it even by a few hundred pounds, you could buy a designer handbag with the money that you can save.

Foundation –  as we all know finding the perfect match for a foundation is very difficult, not only have you got to find the correct colour match but also one that will go with your skin. If you have dry, oily or acne prone skin, you really need to find one that doesn’t make skin problems worse. Finding a good match for yourself with the Chit Chat foundation range is very hard so you may need to buy two colours and try mixing together. The coverage is also not very good as it goes on like a tinted moisturiser and you may have to re-apply a few times.

Eyeliner – as we know cheap eyeliner tends to smudge and leave you with panda eyes, fortunately for Poundlands Chit Chat range the eyeliner was better than some others in the budget range, so it has scored highly.

Mascara – women can spend as much as £24 for mascara and if it does its job and makes eyelashes appear fuller and longer, then who will complain about its hefty price tag? Mascaras that are in the budget range tend to clump and not give the spaced eyelash effect but the spider eyelash look which can be very embarrassing. Poundlands Chit Chat mascara was just like that and nothing spectacular.

Face bronzing pearls – with a good product you should get a shimmering look that blends in well giving that sun kissed look. Poundlands Chit Chat bronzing pearls had too much orange pigment that made the skin look too orange just like a fake tan accident.

Overall the foundation was too pale even when mixing two colours together, went on too lightly and made the skin looked washed out rather than radiant. The mascara was mediocre and the face bronzing pearls made skin look too orange. The only thing that was just as good as other top of the range makeup was the eyeliner that went on and stayed in place all day without smudging. Due to the small price of £6 for a full face of makeup, I would be careful if you have skin problems as the chemicals used and the pigments added may cause skin problems or aggravate skin.