Primark fashion losing sales

Up until now Primark have been making huge profits from cheap clothing overtaking most high street retail shops. Menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and houseware had become extremely popular as it was so cheap to keep up with the latest fashion trends. There were times when Primark used to be buzzing and queues went all round the shop.

There are two theories as to why the fast fashion chain have seen a decline in customers, the first being that cheap labour is no longer as cheap as it once was with China putting up their prices. Also the price of oil is also going up where a lot of these factories rely on this as their source of fuel for machinery.

The other theory is that people have just lost interest in fast junk fashion and despite the recession are investing on key items that will last for years to come. Women no longer have the means to shop on a regular basis and have started to shop only when they need to which is usually 4 times a year. During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter is when we really need to pay attention and you can usually save money by shopping during the end of season sale by stocking up for next year.

I understand that not everyone has the money to shop for clothes 4 times a year but by buying only what you need when you need it you can save money on the long run. Yes a t-shirt from Primark may only cost £3 but after a few washes there are holes in it or it has lost its shape. The same thing can be said for other garments, they are simple cuts that are designed to be low cost so they don’t fit you in all the right places, did you also notice that the most of the bras and tops in Primark are adjustable by plastic do they end up breaking most of the time.