Solutions for revealing clothes

Gone are the days of having to wear a strappy vest under a low cut dress or top. Most people have even tried putting a safety pin to close the gap that some tops have but in time this can cause damage such as holes to the middle. Some people have even resorted to sewing up the gap or taking in the shoulders to make the top or dress shorter but this can affect the shape and fall of the dress/top.

You no longer need to avoid buying clothes that are low cut or revealing anymore as there are plenty of solutions that women inventors have been able to come up with.

Modesty panels are small fabric cuttings that have small clips attached to them so they clip on to your existing bra strap. They come in many different colours and have been proven to be very popular with both men and women. Men find it a comfort than their wives or partners no longer bear too much flesh since this clever solution hit the market.

The bosom button is also a great solution to tops that cross over in the middle but reveal too much flesh. The bosom button is like a pin but with a decorative head such as a gem, great for low plunging necklines that have a large gape and for v neck tops that are too wide. It’s also a good item to have for other uses such as accessorising clothes with a decorative pin, like a sarong, shawl, top or even jean pockets.

Bandeau bras are also a popular and cheap solution as they give you good support and double up as outerwear too. This works well if you have a backless top too as buying a colourful bandeau bra can make the top more exciting and less slutty by also providing support at the same time.

So as you can see there is no longer a reason for women to not be able to buy the clothes they like revealing or not. There is always a solution to clothes that are slightly more revealing than others and the solution is not sewing it up or modifying it in any way. So before you think twice about buying a top or dress just buy it and find a solution to the problem later as you can guarantee that there is a solution to all problematic clothes.