UK fashion costs more than in Europe and America

When you are out shopping do you ever take the time to check what the cost of the item of clothing is in other countries? Some fashion labels have prices in GBP, Euro and Dollars all on the same tag. Zara and H&M are just two of the brands that overcharge British customers but Ralph Lauren and Forever 21 is also guilty of doing the same.

Zara are the worst with some items being overcharged to British customers by up to 45% more than in Spain and Portugal. It would seem that UK customers are mugs and a source of easy profit as many women do not question the price difference when they see the label.

It’s a well known fact that the U.S have always charged half of what they charge UK customers with most top of the range designers simply switching the currency sign, for example a haute couture coat retailing $398 in America compared to £380 in the UK a price difference of £140.

If only it was as easy as abandoning fashion made abroad and buying British made fashion here instead. Years ago many textile factories were forced to shut as cheap labour abroad was sought instead. Nowadays if you check clothing labels properly you will find that China, Malaysia and India are the leaders in cheap labour provided for our clothing.

Even other high street names such as Marks and Spencer’s and Next outsource their factories and orders to India and China. There are not many high street clothing or even designer clothing that is UK made. The only way to overcome this unfair increase on fashion is to buy online from the source or overseas. Most people have started to do this anyway with many opting to buy designer fashion from the U.S as in most cases it’s up to 50% cheaper, even with overseas delivery charges you will still save more than buying in the UK

As for buying goods in the EU it is no longer value for money as the pound is pretty much the same as the euro but if are lucky enough to get a good exchange rate, then in this struggling climate you may well save on fashion clothing bought in Europe.

Don’t hold your breath though as I went on a recent trip to Europe visiting 7 different countries and the pound and euro was the same so there wasn’t much point in buying anything as I wouldn’t have saved anything. Shop online as it’s much more competitive!