Valentine’s Day lingerie – What men want!

With only a few days left for valentines, it’s not too late to buy some sexy lingerie to surprise your partner or just to make you feel sexy.

What do men like?

  • Underwear that not only passes as day wear but can transform the evening into passion without the passion killer of having to change. This is a great option if you are going for a lovely romantic evening and will want to spend some quality time afterwards.
  • See through lingerie is a great turn on and if you can carry it off you will need to be confident as well. See though lingerie can be classy if worn the right way but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination so don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t stay on too long.
  • Big pants like Bridget Jones are preferred by over 80% of men preferring this to thongs and g-strings. Bigger pants can also be sexy such as by silk or lace and girly and frilly designs; if you have a big bottom this will accentuate it more making men more excited.
  • Baby dolls are also a favourite with men teamed up with stockings and gloves; your partner will get very excited indeed. Try adding some class by buying good quality lace and silk you don’t want to look tacky.
  • Wearing bright and sexy underwear that can be shown is a turn on too, for example a strappy top that gives a glimpse of what is being worn underneath. But showing pants and visible panty lines are still a no.
  • Valentine’s Day or not men still prefer red to any other colour, purple and pink is a close second. So if you want to get your partners heart racing, red is the way to go.
  • Polka dots are in this year, lace style baby dolls with polka dots spell out fun and raunchy for men. So if you want to be different this is the way to do it.
  • Sometimes by trying too hard you may have the opposite effect. Simple lingerie can also have the same impact and get heart’s pumping.

Remember you can also buy coordinating underwear for your partner and do a little role play. Men should make as much effort as women do on Valentine’s Day to keep it spicy and fresh. If you have run out of time, then by going last minute you will make savings as the stores will reduce their prices. Do some lingerie shopping after Valentine’s Day as well and you can buy reduced priced lingerie that still as sexy and can be saved for another time.