Home removal – Helping you move houses stress free

With the sales of houses on the increase again, the amount of people who require moving vans and help are on the rise. If you never have had to move before, then the task of organising everything to make sure it all goes smoothly can be a difficult task.

The different home removal methods

Employ a home removal company – by employing a removal company, you will get the services of your own personal move co-ordinator. They will visit your home to check how much stuff there is to move on to the new property and at an optional fee you can even arrange for the company to pack everything up for you. This is probably the most stress free type of home removal available.

Van and lorry hire – if you are an experienced driver or know someone who is comfortable driving bigger vehicles, why not hire a van or lorry to bring everything to your new home then? You could potentially save a lot of money and you can be sure that all items will be handled with care and also no home removal insurance will be needed.

Local removal men – by choosing a local removal service, you can keep costs down and even get recommendations from neighbours. Bear in mind that some local removal services have smaller vans so more than one trip may be necessary.

Do I need insurance for home removals?

The bigger named companies come with limited insurance cover, so check the policy out to see if you will need additional cover. For van and lorry hire due to carrying out the move yourself, you may find that you will have full control so insurance isn’t necessary. Local removal men do not have insurance most of the time, so insurance cover for valuables are advised. When you take out home removal cover, check over the policy so you know exactly what is and what isn’t covered. You may find it’s just not worth it.

Problems arising from home removals

The biggest worry to home movers is if the keys are not exchanged on the agreed date. For most companies, they have a cancellation waiver so if it’s not your fault, they will not charge you as long as you still use them when you move. There is also a late key waiver offered by removal companiesv- if you cannot get access after the completion of paperwork, the company will not charge you anything for the first 3 hours. If the waiting time exceeds three hours, you may be charged an additional £60 an hour depending on the company.

Cheapest home removal method

Removal company costs can vary but the average for a 3 bedroomed house is £1200 and this is excluding the pre-arranged packing service. Hiring a van or lorry can cost from £45 and then the labour is your own time or with the help of family and friends. A local removal service can cost as little as £150 depending on van size and the anticipated number of trips.