Alli diet pill – Review

After all the hype over Alli the diet pill I was very surprised that two of my closest friends were taking it in a last attempt to lose weight before going on holiday. The excitement over Alli has now died down but there are still some people out there who are undecided and still have lots of questions to ask. As I have spent a lot of time with my two friends I have decided to write a review of Alli diet pill to help people make an informed decision.

Who can buy Alli?
Alli has been around for some time but was only available on a prescription up until about a year ago, you can now purchase in most pharmacies including Boots. You must have a BMI of over 28 for a licensed pharmacy to sell Alli to you. My friends are not by any means fat one is a size 12 and the other a dress size 10/12. I was very shocked to hear that they were taking Alli but also curious as to how they got hold of it. The answer was the internet! One of my friends purchased Alli over the internet as they are not so regulated but this isn’t advisable. She first went to Boots but when they saw it was for her they laughed, her BMI must’ve been no more than 23 so she was refused.

Does Alli weight loss pill work?
Alli does cut the amount of fat that is absorbed in the body by blocking it out through taking the pill. If you eat healthily and avoid fatty foods as well as some light exercise this did help my friends lose weight. Within 5 months my friend who was a size 12 was wearing size 8 clothes! She had to buy new clothes and looked scarily unhealthy and gaunt. My other friend didn’t look much different, so I think she must’ve been abusing the diet pill by still munching on the bad things she should’ve been avoiding.

The side effects of Alli weight loss pill
You can read about the side effects on Alli’s website but seeing it firsthand I had to tell you from my point of view. You take Alli 3 times a day with each meal, after taking the pill you will need to go to the toilet between 10 – 30 minutes afterwards. With a really bad stomach you’d expect to do a poo but what actually comes out is oil, yes oil! It’s really disgusting and hard to remove from the toilet bowl. If you have to go to work then expect to need the toilet a lot. With Alli you never know when you need to go and one of my friends didn’t make it to the toilet once. One of friends felt really sick taking Alli but preserved because she was stubborn, it paid off in the end but after seeing what my friends went through I’ll stick to going to the gym.

Alli should only be used if you are obese, taking Alli when you are already a reasonable size is silly when you should just go to the gym and eat sensibly. If you can live with the oil leaks, flatulence and unexpected use of the toilet then go for it but remember it will also put strain on a relationship and you won’t feel like having a sexual relationship.