Bio sculpture gel nail review

Since I have finally kicked the habit of biting my nails I quite enjoy having my nails done on a regular basis. I have been a nail biter since I was a child my mum has never had the chance to trim my nails in her whole life and numerous attempts to stop have all failed. Just recently I decided to stop but my nails became soft and brittle. They would chip and split at every chance they get but after months of treatment my nails were healthy and no longer prone to chipping or splitting. I was happy with my weekly French manicures with the occasional nail art but I wanted to make my manicures last longer than a week so I did some research on how to prolong my nail colour without nail extensions or acrylic.

What is bio sculpture nails?
It’s basically a gel that is applied on the natural nail that allows the nails to breathe and grow without damaging them. As it had taken me so long to get my nails in good shape I was very tempted to try this to see if it was worth it. It’s a nice way to preserve the strength, colour and encourage nail growth especially if you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, graduation or party. You can guarantee that they will last for at least two weeks as a minimum, it depends on your nail growth speed and how well you look after them.

When I went to get mine done the nail technician buffed my nails slightly and shaped them, they were cleaned and my cuticles were also worked on. A clear gel was applied that then had to be cured under a UV light to make the gel harden and dry. Afterwards a white gel was added to my tips for a French manicure, the nail technician said that they didn’t put pink in between the smile line and nail bed as it would quickly fade. Two coats of white were added to my tips as one coat is barely noticeable. The whole process took a little over an hour.

After my nails didn’t really look like they had been done as my ‘at home French manicure’ looked better than the salon one. I paid £31 for it to be done and found it quite expensive, they seem fine but I just wanted to know how long they will really last and if they really prevent any damage to my nails. I am sceptical so I will have to wait and see but I recommend everyone trying them at least once as not everyone’s expectations are the same, out of ten I would give it a 7/10.