Charitable beauty

There are many brands on the market today be it cosmetics or Christmas cards that have an incentive of donating money to charity. It makes people feel better when they buy something that will also help others in return. There are shops that supply hand made cards made by people raising money for charities; they are more personal and unique because they haven’t been mass-produced.

Cosmetics are also doing the same thing buy purchasing their products they give a percentage or fixed amount to a chosen charity.

Retailers are selling ethically produced cotton clothing, when clothes are purchased all profit made go to the workers who picked cotton from the fields and the seamstress who sew the pieces together.

You can even buy fair-trade products like tea; coffee and chocolate just remember to look for the official logo.

Just recently I have found that if you buy a chicken coop from a certain company and are adopting battery hens they will donate £20 to the battery hens welfare trust, I don’t know if this is true and if you can trust them but it doesn’t cost anything to donate money yourself.