Eating disorders

A few years ago I worked in a health centre that had a team of specialists that worked with people who had eating disorders.

80% of the patients were women but I was very surprised when there were male patients too. There was a patient who once took over 10 minutes to walk up 7 steps, she was so frail, being anorexic aged her by many years. I was sad to find out that she eventually died.

It was nice to see that many people who came to the clinic for eating disorders eventually recovered and put on enough weight to be discharged.

There was a young boy who was about 16 years old, he was very tall but very emaciated, his face was sunken in and he was very pale. I was so sure that he wouldn’t live very long. After a few months he was a completely different person, he was smiling, talkative and no longer withdrawn.

It has since been 4 years since I worked there and the problem is only getting worse, there are too many young people who watch TV and believe what they see. Not everyone in Hollywood is a size zero; most won’t admit it but magazines, film posters and features are all airbrushed to perfection.

Don’t always believe what you see, it’s not worth killing yourself over.