Foot surgery for perfect feet

With more and more people opting for surgery to correct flaws and improve appearance I’m not surprised that you can even have feet corrected to fit better in pretty sandals and shoes. Although not for the squeamish and recovery time can be weeks to months all who have had it, do not regret it the results. I would go crazy if I had to use crutches for longer than a couple of days so you can count me out on this bizarre procedure.

We all know we can have surgery to correct bunions and hammer toes but having your toes shortened and made longer is just crazy. Most models and celebrities won’t admit to it but it’s estimated that around 40% of celebrities have had this procedure done. You can even get the bones in your foot shaved to appear longer and leaner and fit more comfotably in stilettos.

Like I said recovery time can vary so going without wearing my beautiful Laboutins for more than a few days would be like torture to me!