Hairless men!

A few years ago I was up late watching a program about male grooming. I found it was strange to be on after 10pm after watching for half an hour I found out why.

It started off with having a haircut, getting eyebrows tidied and even men having their nails done the last feature of the show was on a young man getting his sack and crack waxed as a surprise for his girlfriend.

He must’ve been about 24 years old; he was very fair skinned and had ginger hair all over.

As he lay half naked on the couch he was bright red with embarrassment, however he hardly had any hair down there anyway. The waxer spread the wax on and pulled it off he took it quite well, then he turned over and it looked like an x-rated movie.

He had to get down on all fours while she put the wax between his bum cheeks, you could see everything. The crack looked like the most painful. When the waxer had finished he got dressed and said it was very painful, depending on his girlfriends reaction he wouldn’t mind coming back again to have it done.