Laser eye surgery

After wearing glasses from the age of seven Coleen Rooney (formerly known as Coleen McLoughlin) has finally been able to have laser eye surgery after turning 21 in September 2007. She had two weeks off from work to recover, she said, “I can’t wait to wake up and see properly”. It has now been over a year and she is happy with the results. Having just given birth to a baby boy I’m sure the inconvenience of having to reach for glasses at 3am will be a distant memory.

Its coming up to Christmas and all the companies are releasing offers of cut rate laser eye surgery, I wonder if anyone has taken the plunge yet? Laser eye surgery is on my list of things to do because I travel a lot its a shame I miss out on things like scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins. there are many things to consider before having laser eye surgery and finding a good eye surgeon should be number one priority. Just because Optimax keep sending letters monthly to remind you of the fantastic offers they have shouldn’t push you into taking a decision right now. I personally would like to go to a specialist eyes hospital even if i have to pay double, if anything was to go wrong I know that there would be a team of doctors able to help me. if you were to go to Optimax if anything were to go wrong they would refer you to a hospital so why not go to a eye hospital in the first place?

When i decide to have laser eye surgery I will share my thoughts and experiences but in the mean time I don’t mind wearing contact lenses even if I’m swimming or snorkeling.