My friends horrible experience removing unwanted hair

My friend called me the other day all in a panic; she was just about to start a romantic weekend away in Paris so she decided to wax her bikini area and her upper lip.

Firstly I know not to wax my bikini area myself as its awkward trying to see what you’re doing and stay in a comfortable position. She told me that it all went wrong. As she applied the hot wax and put the muslin strip over to pull it off she didn’t hold the skin taut enough so she was left with bruises and horrible red bumps. Undeterred she waxed her upper lip and the same happened she has red bumps and the area is really red raw.

I told her she should have gone to a salon for a professional wax but she said it was too expensive. To have her upper lip done would’ve cost about £5 and to have her bikini line and £7 (these prices are an average price, expect to pay more in the west end and in well established salons ).
It surprised me because she can easily spend money on designer clothes and handbags but not £12 on grooming.

My advice is if you can’t afford to go to a salon ask a friend to help you remove unwanted hair.
My friend now has to keep the lights out on the romantic weekend away to Paris and wear a lot of foundation to cover her red bumps and rash on her upper lip.