Organic Beauty Products

More and more people are ditching the intoxicated beauty products manufactured from chemicals which can be harmful in the long run to products which are made from naturally occurring materials. Not only are these products better for the environment but for your health as well. Below are a list  of organic beauty products that you can purchase:

Lipsticks – that are made entirely from plant extracts and natural colouring

Shampoos and conditioners – that have natural ingredients such as vanilla and tea extracts

Face cream – with no perfume added and no chemicals

Make up – using natural colouring

Hair care – without the use of animal derived ingredients

Body wash – without overpowering fragrances

Body lotions – that contain little or no chemicals that lead to skin irritation

Perfumes – that are made entirely from natural resources

As there are so many companies competing for our custom, I would recommend asking friends and family what they use. If you are really eager to buy from a truly organic resource, then buy from a company that has always sold organic products. These organic companies will have a fairer price than others that have only just turned to organic selling produce and do it more for the money than for the benefits. If you also worried about using new products for the first time, I would advise buying a small gift set as they have everything to get you started but at the fraction of the cost. If the product is not suited to your skin type, then you wouldn’t have lost a terrible amount of money.

Organic beauty vs non-organic beauty products

As we know non-organic beauty products have a lot of chemicals and preservatives to make them last longer. They will also have a fragrance added and sometimes animal parts as well and on top of that, they are tested on animals. A lot of major cosmetics such as Body Shop do state that they do not test on animals but there are many other companies which offer cheaper products that are still tested on animals to bring costs down. The same goes for the use of animal parts in beauty products, it’s a well known fact that whale is used in lipsticks and animal bones in toothpastes.

Organic products use no animal matter in their cosmetics; they only use natural products from plants and synthetics. Due to lack of chemical and preservatives in organic products, you have clearer and less agitated skin. Organic beauty products also have a natural smell and sometimes smell bad; this is because no fragrances are added to these cosmetics and they are totally natural.

Where to buy organic beauty products?

Many high streets now stock an organic range so it’s worth having a look when out shopping and the same can be said for the local supermarket. You can do a little research on the Internet and find a good branded organics company with many satisfied customers. If you want to save rather than spend, then pop into your local holistic store, library or look online for natural homemade recipes for organic beauty products. Most home made products require little to buy as you probably already have the basics in the kitchen cupboard.