Saks Welwyn Garden City review

Having not had my hair cut in over three months I thought it was time I went and had myself a trim. I decided to try Saks in Welwyn Garden City as it was my local and everyone at work was raving on about its service and reasonable price. I am quite generous when it comes to beauty and I will pay up to £150 for a good haircut. Saks cost me around £47 for a haircut with a senior stylist; it was quite disappointing as because it was near the end of the day she was uninterested and boring.

After explaining that I wanted a simple bob with bangs down the side she still cut it too short and it looked really old fashioned. When it was time to put in a few layers the scissors were blunt so it felt like my hair was being ripped out. The salon itself it quite small and run down, the lady on reception was very friendly and helpful, but staff seemed really distracted and inefficient. After the stylist had finished I went to pay and was given over £50 worth of money off vouchers for my next haircut, I distributed them amongst my work colleagues.

Before choosing Saks I did read a few reviews but like always you don’t really know what to expect until you go and see for yourself. There may be other Saks salons out there that have professional, competent staff that really know what they are doing but the one in Welwyn Garden City just doesn’t have a clue. Remember that if you are an NHS employee you can get a discount, for example on your first visit you can get 50% off and 20% on visits after. You may be tempted by such offers but in some cases you get what you pay even if it is 50% off. Tesco employees are also entitled to a discount at Saks.

Saks has become well known since Andrew Barton has appeared in shows such as 10 years younger, Ready Steady Cook, GMTV and LK today so after seeing some of the transformations he has participated in you feel that they are providing a good service. The best thing to do is to try out a few of you local salons and decide for yourself to avoid disappointment, when visiting a new salon go for a simple trim until you decide to change your hairstyle.

Having been to many different salons this was probably the worst haircut and experience I’ve ever had!