Teeth whitening

I’ve wanted to have my teeth whitened for years so when I found a good offer read the procedure and any risks associated with it, I booked my appointment.

I had to give a deposit of around £50 just in case I cancelled at the last minute and I also received a home kit so I can a have top up when I want.

I had my gums covered and a retractor placed to protect my cheeks then the gel was placed on each tooth and a laser placed over it. The process is about an hour.

Towards the end I did feel some pain that made my eyes water but in the end it was worth it. I had to avoid hot food, cold food and anything that would stain my teeth for a little while. I haven’t had any problems with sensitivity or bleeding gums and I am happy.

As everyone is different you can’t have a guaranteed success period. For the first few weeks I was very cautious avoiding coloured food, tea, fizzy drinks etc. After a while you fall back into your old routine and forget all the advice given to you to help preserve the pristine white smile. It’s now been over a year an I feel like I need a top up although many people i know beg to differ. I have spent the last year travelling around the world trying different food and lifestyles and i strongly believe this has contributed to the poor success rate of having a whiter smile.

I plan to get braces to straighten out my bottom teeth then get my teeth whitened again.