Temporary boob job with Macrolane

For the past year my friend Jane has been nagging her husband to let her have her breasts enlarged. Saying this I know she doesn’t need it. She already has a 34D and showing no signs of stopping. Like all women we all hate our bodies no matter how perfect our partners say we are as we don’t believe them.

So after reading about Macrolane Jabe thought maybe she should give it a go. If she doesn’t like it then after a year or so she will be back to her natural size. The reviews have been good but unless she tries for herself, she will never know.

She is quite fortunate not to have to think twice before paying £2,600 for them to be temporarily bigger, but for another £1000 she could have results that are permanent.

If you’re not fortunate enough to blow near enough £3000 for a temporary boob job, I’d advise you to have a permanent one.