Gel nail review – The Retreat

As I have a holiday coming up I wanted to get my nails done beforehand to see if they were any good, I chose to have Bio-sculpture gel nails at The Retreat in Gosling Sports centre, Welwyn Garden City. As I am already a member in the gym I walk past the salon everyday and occasionally check to see if they have any offers. My nails had grown quite long so I thought this would be a good time to try it before deciding if I should get them done for my holidays next month.

My nails were shaped and buffed lightly, my cuticles were ‘filed’ off and a clear coat of gel was applied. Then two coats of white gel were applied to my tips but no pink or peach was applied to give it that natural ‘French’ look.

The technician was nice but as my nails have grown a lot since I had them done two weeks ago I can notice the faults. The smile lines are straight rather than curved and it looks really dull. When I got home my nails were so sharp that I kept cutting myself so u had to file them again. I have also noticed that my nail has cracked near the smile line! I am almost positive that it wasn’t there before I had my nails done as I do them every few days so it must’ve appeared afterwards.

I won’t be able to have gel nails on holiday as they will be too short and I really wanted French tips. I now have to pay £12 to have them removed and then cut my nails really short so they can grow back again. I really wouldn’t advise going to The Retreat as they do not have good lighting and no ventilation. So if you are pregnant and want to have your nails done its not advisable if you cannot have proper ventilation, there are no windows or an extractor.

As my nails grow fast it was not ideal for me as you can see the nail bed outgrowing the gel area after just a week. I will stick to my own manicures as I can change them as often as I want if I get bored without having to pay a total of £43 in two weeks to have the gel put on and then taken off again.

I would have preferred to have the pink gel also applied and the white tips a little whiter as they look washed out after a week.