The truth about Gel Nails

After having gel nails put on a few months ago as a trial run I was fairly pleased with the results but still preferred to have my nails done using actual nail polish rather than the gels. I know it seems to cost more to have to keep going back every fortnight to get a fresh new manicure but it works out pretty much the same as have gel nails done once a month (depends where you live).

After having my gel nails on for a week I didn’t really enjoy then anymore and had them removed, my nails were buffed slightly and conditioned with cuticle oil and so on. One of the reasons I had them removed was because they split near the smile line. Now it has been a few months since I had them taken off and I really hate having them. They did not preserve my nails they made it worse! My nails are no longer strong and healthy, as soon as they start to grow they snap! I was so proud of my long healthy nails but bio sculpture gel nails have ruined them.

I do not advise gel nails as I strongly believe that they made my nails weaker. I have been forced to take a supplement to aid nail growth but because they are far too weak the supplements are having no effect on them. It is widely reported that gel nails preserve your nails by allowing them to breathe and grow and after removal nails should be just like they used to be but this is not the case. After my nails were ‘soaked’ there was still a lot of gel residue left on that only buffing could remove so I did so only slightly. It cost nearly £50 to have the gel nails put on and then soaked off after only two weeks due to splitting!

I will stick to my fortnightly manicures and stay away from gel nails; I would only advise them if you had no choice such as a wedding or very special occasion. I may have been one of the unlucky few but they didn’t look that great either especially for the money that I paid!