How to avoid feeling constipated?

As surprising as it might sound, there are many people who suffer from constipation and while for some people opening bowels everyday is normal, for others it may be every few days or even once a week. Constipation affects more women than men and 40% of women will be affected by it during pregnancy.

People who are constipated often find that they have to force themselves to go and this can cause damage to the anus and bleeding is likely to occur. There are over the counter creams you can now buy for treating piles (which are sometimes a result of trying to force yourself to open your bowels) and by applying these creams, you can soothe the area and shrink the piles so you don’t pass blood when you go to the toilet.

What can you do to go toilet regularly?

The first and most obvious advice is to exercise more and eat more healthily – foods that are high in fibre are said to aid constipation.

Doctors advise eating fruits like bananas and figs, wholemeal products like brown bread, vegetables, pulses, nuts and seeds.

Try and stay away from fatty foods such as burgers as this will cause you to bloat and feel stodgy and drink plenty of water as this can sometimes help soften stools.

How can constipation be treated?

Doctors can prescribe laxatives but this is usually done if constipation is chronic. There are simple ways to help yourself and you should go to the doctor as a last resort. Fig syrup is said to aid constipation by making stools softer. There are even over the counter tablets at pharmacies and health stores. There is a tablet you can take each evening before going to bed and it works during the night by softening stools and then first thing in the morning you will open your bowels. A few people who have only taken these tablets for a few days have opened their bowels everyday since without stopping.

These constipation tablets and medicines are made with natural ingredients and are not harmful to use but always seek advice from your doctor before using unprescribed medicines.